Why Katie Maloney Sees Dating As “A Waste Of Time”

The Vanderpump Rules cast member is telling all about her type and why she doesn’t like dating these days.

After 12 years of being together and six years of marriage, Katie and her fellow Vanderpump Rules cast member, Tom Schwartz, divorced in 2022. VPR Season 11 captured both of their forays into dating other people. But, during a recent appearance on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Katie revealed why she hasn’t been too keen on dating lately.

Katie Maloney says she’s looking for someone who is “serious” about her

Although Season 11 saw Katie dating both men and women, she told podcast host Amanda Hirsch that she doesn’t have a “type.”

“I like hot people,” she admitted.

But, for now, Katie is “not dating,” because she is looking for something more. “Unless someone’s really down to be serious about stuff, I don’t really want to date,” she explained. “If someone wants to date me, they have to prove that they deserve a place in my life.”

While Katie had previously been dating for fun, she has since changed her tune. As she put it, “I mean at this point, because I was sort of casually dating around so much, and then I was like, OK, I think I’m much more emotionally available than I realized, so I was getting hurt a bit.”

While she admitted that she is not on dating apps, she said that she has met people to date through friends and on Instagram. So, there is a chance for the right person to slide on in to her DMs.

Katie Maloney says she is “not affected” by Tom Schwartz’s new girlfriend

Because she has been so focused on her own journey in healing, Katie told Amanda that she hasn’t been impacted by the news of her ex dating his 23-year-old girlfriend, Sophia Skoro.

“Now it’s kind of like, I don’t care what you do,” she admitted. “I know people want to ask me about like, Tom’s new girlfriend, I’m like, ‘great.'”

While she noted that she loves the name Sophia, which was her “American Girl doll’s name” she admitted that him dating someone has no impact on her. “I’m just not affected by if he’s dating someone, or who it is, or, you know, if it happened to be one of my friends, it might be a little weird,” she said. “But, at this point, I think I could handle it.”