Who Plays Brick On General Hospital?


On General Hospital, Brick (Stephen A. Smith) has become Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) right-hand man.

Brick is a tech wizard, he has given Sonny information in various ways. However, Brick’s portrayer is nothing like Brick at all. Steven is mostly into sports instead.

Who Is Stephen A Smith?

Stephen works as a sports journalist, sports radio host, and sports television host. Stephen frequently appears on ESPN as an NBA analyst.

Smith co-hosts First Take on ESPN at the moment. In addition, Stephen serves as a consultant on a number of other ESPN programs. Following years at ESPN, Smith made the decision to pursue acting.

Smith first appeared in a cameo on ABC’s General Hospital before beginning his professional career. Both Smith and his sisters enjoy the show. On March 31, 2016, Brick was born, Smith.

Since then, Smith has made annual guest appearances. Smith occasionally appears multiple times, as he has done in the previous year.

Brick Is An Important Part Of Sonny Corinthos’ Organization

Brick doesn’t usually stay in Port Charles so Sonny often calls him when he needs his help. Brick can usually get information that Sonny needs about phone calls internet issues etc.

Unfortunately, Brick can sometimes be outshined by Damien Spinelli (Bradford Anderson). Sonny occasionally asks Spinelli for help as well.

Sonny chooses to rely on Brick instead of pulling Spinelli into something that could cause him potential problems.

After all, Spinelli has been charged by the FBI before since he was caught hacking into government databases. Spinelli has a child in his home and Sonny doesn’t want to cause him any issues with her.


Brick Is Always On Hand To Try To Help

Brick is at Sonny’s beck and call most of the time. As much as Stephen works on other shows, it is very nice to see him on the show and working with Sonny.

Sonny needs someone who has his back since Jason Morgan (ex-Steve Burton) is no longer around to be his enforcer and his best friend. However, Brick isn’t about to go out and start shooting to keep Sonny safe.

But Brick will probably always be there for Sonny when he needs him. Will Brick ever take a more active role in the company? Will Brick go above and beyond what he does for Sonny? Assisting Sonny requires a lot of upkeep.

Could Brick afford to spend the time and money Sonny typically needed? Sonny is undoubtedly at odds with both Selina Wu (Lydia Look) and Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober).

Will Brick have to handle both of them on Sonny’s behalf, or will Sonny be left at the whim of Cyrus and Selina?