Which NCIS: Sydney Agent Is Going To Be In Undercover Danger In A New Episode?


NCIS: Sydney is back with a new episode that brings up Evie’s dark past on a dangerous undercover assignment!

After a couple of weeks off, NCIS: Sydney is set for a new episode this week as it looks to close out its first season in a good way.

When last we saw the NCIS: Sydney team, Dr. Rosie Penrose, the medical examiner, had been taking his dog to a special “dog spa” when a woman wearing an explosive-laden vest broke in. Penrose was able to contact the team to show up with the cops.

There was some tension with the police wanting to break in and Dempsey clashing with the female cop in charge, who was a former flame. The woman had been pushed to take part in a bank robbery and mistakenly believed the vest was a fake, unaware her accomplice had outfitted her with the real thing.

An emotional subplot had Penrose revealing the reason he’d been distracted on the job was that he’d been forced to check his wife into a private home due to her dementia. He was able to help solve the conflict without any loss of life as the team tracked down and stopped the woman’s accomplice.


That was a good episode to end the first half of the season and now the show is back with the first of the last three episodes of the first season.

Check out a promo for NCIS: Sydney Season 1, Episode 6

“Extraction” puts the spotlight on Evie as a case of a drug ring will bring up her past work as an undercover narcotics cop.

“When a man in a concealed U.S. Navy jacket drops dead from a cocaine overdose on a crowded bus in Bondi, the investigation pulls Evie (Tuuli Narkle) back into her past as an undercover narcotics cop.”

The episode should delve into Evie’s backstory and what drove her to move up to the federal level. She’s shown a nice edge on the job, and it appears the team has to race to rescue her before she finds herself in a literally explosive situation.

With just two episodes left after this, NCIS: Sydney is set to rock fans as 2024 begins.