Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Episode 15: Ariana Madix Or Tom Sandoval, Who’s Been The Better Friend?


The coming week’s Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Episode 15 is inching closer to a new breed of drama and epic showdown as Ariana Madix’s disgraced ex-boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, and her new loving beau, Daniel Wai, are about to cross paths. With tensions as high as the roof, everyone is breaking a sweat, dreading what awaits them in this fated encounter. Even before the group gets together, certain cast members have already begun picking sides, while others are more concerned with keeping the squad together, even if that requires them to own the bad cop persona.

Here’s what we know about the upcoming episode titled “Plot Twist,” from the recently revealed sneak peek.

Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Episode 15 release date and time

Episode 15 is set to air on Tuesday, May 7, 2024. The next VPR Rules Season 11 episode will centre around Ariana Madix’s new boyfriend, Daniel Wai, mingling with her friend circle. However, not everyone eases up to his presence the same way — especially with Lala Kent launching into interrogation mode. The new episode will premiere on Bravo at 8/7 c. Stream it on Peacock the next day.

What to expect from Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Episode 15?

The official description for the “Plot Twist” episode is listed as follows: “Scheana performs live for the first time with her band; Katie clashes with Jo over a year’s worth of grievances; Ariana takes Dan to lunch with her friends; the fourth wall is left shattered when Tom approaches Ariana for a conversation.”

With Ariana’s boyfriend, Daniel Wai, finally coming into the picture and around to mingle with her squad, everybody’s on edge. Wondering how the “big meeting” between Madix’s new partner and her ex would go down, Lala Kent, Katie Maloney, Scheana Shay, James Kennedy, Brock Davies – all of the VPR cast – get down to speculating this and that.


While on one side, Lala looks at Daniel’s entry into the group with an eye for scrutiny, Katie perceives him as the “sweetest guy.” On the other hand, Brock Davies and Scheana Shay spread the cards around, discussing who’s been a better friend – Tom Sandoval or Ariana Madix?

Davies has his own view and sides with Sandoval, but Scheana once again feels stuck in the middle of her friendship with both sides of the story. Despite her recent heart-to-heart with Sandoval, she disagrees with Davies’ POV and asserts that she “will never turn (her) back on Ariana.”

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Ultimately, the final day of the hangout arrives and the gang unites during the day, but without Sandoval for the time being. Lala is the first person to shoot the question to Ariana: “Were you always going to come on the trolley? Even if the other person was here?”

Madix sways from the conversation with an “I don’t know,” while Tom Schwartz reveals his buddy’s whereabouts as Sandoval is away setting up for Kyle Chan’s event later that night.

The group finally hits Chinatown, and they all sit down for lunch. Before the food comes out, they dish out all kinds of gossip and teasing questions. Scheana then jumps the gun, asking Schwartz if he’s ever had a threesome. While his current answer is negative, Tom claims not to have ruled it out of his bucket list yet.

As drinks roll out, Lala gets back to playing detective and grills Ariana’s new beau for all sorts of answers about his career, relationship history and more.

If you’re like one of the VPR cast members, wondering what he does for a living, you’re in for luck because Daniel serves up the answer hard and fast. “I train seven days a week and I bartend Friday and I do double shifts on Saturday,” he explains.

Like a champ, Wai hits back at all questions Kent asks: How old he is, if he’s ever been married, all the deets on his last relationship and why it ended and so on.

Schwartz takes the hint and interjects jokingly to lighten the mood, “Are you about to hit him with the, ‘Where do you see yourself in five years?’”

In her confessional, she admits to Daniel handling her interrogation like a pro, but she’s not as open to the idea of him ultimately crossing paths with Tom Sandoval. Talking to Katie before their day out, Lala describes Daniel as a “f*cking square.”

The VPR Season 11 Episode 15 sneak peek ends with Lala concluding in her solo moment, “I will be damned if another person comes into this group dating someone and they end up being a**hole.” This is also why she’s resorted to asking all the questions now as a watchguard for the group’s sake, especially since everyone’s still reeling from the “Scandoval” scars.