This Blue Bloods Character Would Be Perfect In Real Life, But Doesn’t Work On Screen

Running for almost 15 years, Blue Bloods is a completely unique police procedural drama that stands out from the rest thanks to its premise. By combining the common genre with some family drama, the show manages to captivate viewers to the point where they feel like part of the Reagan family.

Unfortunately, nothing good can last forever, so the show is slowly but surely coming to an end. What’s nice and comforting for fans is that Blue Bloods manages to keep the same family dynamic that viewers have come to know and love until the very end. Even if some characters work much better as stand-alone personalities than others.

Jamie Reagan Controversy

There are many cases of shows where people root for the protagonists, no matter who they are. However, most of the time, the protagonist of any story is flawed, so they feel relatable to the viewers and fit into the narrative in a realistic way. In Blue Bloods, all members of the Reagan family can be considered protagonists.

However, some of them tend to annoy the audience more than others, and not because they are worse than anyone else. In fact, as viewers on the r/bluebloods subreddit pointed out, Jamie may come across as annoying precisely because of how good he is.

“He has gotten progressively worse as the series has gone on. He used to have redeeming qualities as a rookie and show vulnerabilities, and now those are non-existent. Add on to that, he’s a d#ck to Joe and seems unhappy and tired all the time <…> He is very one-dimensional which makes him hard to like,” Redditor lattech41 said.
While some people agree with this assessment and find the by-the-book Jamie tiresome and annoying to watch, others point out that he balances out the family dynamic and presents a perfect image of an NYPD cop. After all, the reality is that we would all be much happier dealing with a protocol-obsessed Jamie than somebody much more hotheaded.

Whether you enjoyed Jamie’s arc through the seasons, or found it getting worse as time went on, the show will have to wrap it up very soon. So if you’re interested in seeing how Blue Bloods sends off its characters, be sure to keep an eye out for more news about the season 14 part 2 premiere.