Michael Weatherly & Sean Murray’s Most Disgusting NCIS Prank Will Gross You Out

During their time together on “NCIS,” Tim McGee (Sean Murray, who thinks his future in the role is uncertain with the Season 22 renewal) and Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) go through their share of ups and downs. They start with some hostility between them as DiNozzo frequently makes McGee the punchline of his jokes, but … Read more

NCIS’ Michael Weatherly Shared How He And Sean Murray Pranked Each Other On Set Using Different Foods, And I’m Both Disgusted And Delighted

Back in February, NCIS actors Michael Weatherly and Sean Murray briefly reunited for the episode on the 2024 TV schedule honoring the late David McCallum. This marked the first time these two have shared screen time on the popular CBS show since Weatherly exited in 2016. When they were both NCIS series regulars (revisit their … Read more

NCIS’ Mark Harmon Chided Co-Star For Being Ill, Cote De Pablo Reveals: ‘Don’t Take A Sick Day’

Cote de Pablo recalls how Mark Harmon chided her for not being on the NCIS set because she was sick. Introduced in NCIS season 3 as a replacement for Sasha Alexander’s Kate Todd, de Pablo’s Ziva immediately became a fan-favorite. She, Sean Murray’s Tim McGee, and Michael Weatherly are widely regarded as Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ … Read more