Sheffield Dairy Farmer Jack ‘L’ Turns To Farmer Wants A Wife TV Show To Find Love Of His Life

A 26-year-old dairy farmer from Sheffield is looking for love on the upcoming season of Farmer Wants a Wife.

Jack ‘L’ is one of eight farmers confirmed by the show’s producers for the 2025 series on Channel 7.

In a video to potential-lovers, second-generation farmer ‘L’ said he runs a 400-acre property at Railton and milks around 350 cows.

“Being on the land is just a non-negotiable for me,” he said.

“My dream date? I love just going to the pub, so I’d probably go out to the pub. And karaoke’s something that I really enjoy too, so that’d be awesome if I could … find a girl who could do some harmonies.”

He admitted that while he stays focused on the job while working, it can be lonely at times.

“I do have a really close family and that helps a lot,” he said. “There’s still that sort of gap which they can’t fill.”

His ideal future in five years involves being engaged or married and having children.

“I’d love to have two or more,” he said. “I think once you’ve found the right person, you can’t even imagine your future without them. I think that’s a good test.”

“Love is my number one priority and I’m ready. I’m ready for love. I want this more than anything. It would complete the picture for me.”

Single ladies interested in dating ‘L’ can apply on the Farmer Wants a Wife website.