Pauley Perrette Makes Comeback In Rare Glimpse Of Night Out Following Acting Retirement


Pauley Perrette is filling up the last days of summer with fun-filled outings outdoors while the warm weather permits it.

The former NCIS star has largely stayed away from social media this summer to enjoy her days, but over the weekend, she came back with an update for fans over her latest night out.

The actress lives in Los Angeles, and while most actors aren’t working right now due to the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, Pauley is no stranger to time off, as she has largely retired from acting since leaving NCIS.

While fans may not see Pauley on the screen anytime soon, she took to Instagram with a glimpse into what she has been up to these days, which most recently included a concert at Los Angeles’ iconic Hollywood Bowl.

Pauley attended Berlin and Boy George’s latest concert at the famous California amphitheater, and enjoyed all of their epic 80s music with friends, and from great seats to boot.

She first shared a selfie where she appears right by the stage, where her signature rainbow hued hair matches the lights shining from above as Boy George sings behind her.


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Pauley then shared clips from the exciting performance, including of course a clip from Berlin’s iconic 1986 song “Take My Breath Away,” plus plenty of selfies with her friends from the crowd.


“Oh my… @boygeorgeofficial and @berlinofficialband at the @HollywoodBowl last night,” she wrote in her caption, before simply adding: “So everything,” to confirm her approval.

Her fans were pleased to see her back on social media, and took to the comments section under the post to rave about the fun life update.

“Look at you! So beautiful!” one fan wrote, as others added: “Jealous! How fun!” and: “Good times! Not hard to keep the good times rolling when the music is good and you’re jamming with your friends,” as well as: “Thanks for sharing! I can see it was an awesome time, and wow those seats!” plus another fan added: “It looks like you had a great time.”

Prior to her post about the concert, Pauley had last shared a post exactly a month ago, a tribute to the late Sinéad O’Connor on July 27th, following her passing at age 56 the day before.