No, NCIS: Hawaii Fans Do Not Want Tennant To Replace Knight In The Flagship Series


There are all sorts of rumors and suggestions for the NCIS: Hawaii characters. One of those rumors is that Tennant could come in to take Knight’s place, but we don’t want that to happen!

Knight replaced Bishop, but could the Queen of NCIS: Hawaii replace Knight in the flagship series? We certainly hope not. It’s not that we don’t want more Tennant, but it would be a complete disservice to the character.

The rumor is that with Knight taking on a role away from Washington D.C., it opens a spot for Tennant to land a role on the flagship series. With NCIS: Hawaii being unfairly canceled, fans want to see more for the characters, but not in this way. A move like that wouldn’t make sense, even if it was temporary.

NCIS: Hawaii being canceled doesn’t mean the team is breaking up!

Let’s just start with the fact that the actual Hawaii team is not going anywhere. The Season 3 finale did not see the team break up in anyway. Instead, it had the ohana coming together to celebrate and say goodbye to those who fell in the major two-episode event, and then it ended with Maggie showing up at Tennant’s house.

The idea of moving Tennant from Hawaii to Washington D.C. is crazy when you consider that. It’s not like any of them are looking for new jobs, and there were never signs that any of them could be reassigned.

Tennant’s whole life is in Hawaii

Sure, Tennant’s son has grown up and gone off to live his own life, but she has a daughter on the island. Do you know how hard it is to encourage exes to allow children to move out of state? Her whole life is here, and she’s made that clear time and time again. There is not a chance that she would take the opportunity to move to Washington D.C. Who would take up that switch if it was offered to her?


Something major would have to happen for Tennant to accept that change. That’s something that we would have to see happen.

What we could see, though, is Tennant working with the team to help on a case. She’s done it before, and that’s something I could accept. Just a one-episode appearance for a crossover.

Tennant wouldn’t take a demotion!

If Tennant moved from Hawaii to Washington D.C., she’d actually end up taking a demotion. And a major one! Parker is the Agent-in-Charge and McGee is his second. The idea of Tennant coming in and suddenly taking orders from two people—and two white men at that—is crazy. There isn’t a chance that she would take that move, and it wouldn’t even be offered to her.

The higher ups have put her in the position she’s in for some excellent reasons. She’s skilled, a brilliant leader, and compassionate. While she wouldn’t lose any of that with a move, nobody would take that sort of demotion for no reason. We’d need to see her do something that causes a demotion to happen, and Tennant is way too smart to allow that to happen.

So, no, let’s not move Tennant to Washington D.C. There’s no confirmation that Knight is even fully leaving NCIS yet, but even if she is, NCIS: Hawaii fans deserve better than to see Tennant take such a demotion and move away from the life she’s built.