Katie Maloney’s ‘Crazy’ Short List Of Cosmetic Procedures – ‘No Touch-Ups In Four Years’

In the entertainment world, plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are as commonplace as it gets. But when it comes to Katie Maloney’s beauty regime, she’s holding off on the nipping and tucking. The reality TV star has been in the spotlight for over a decade and in that time she’s been transparent about any tweaks she’s opted for to stay looking fresh.

Katie Maloney spent her twenties and thirties on reality TV. The star rose to fame on Vanderpump Rules alongside Tom Sandoval, Scheana Shay, and Lisa Vanderpump. Nowadays she’s rustling up snacks with her co-star Ariana Madix at their sandwich shop, Something About Her. Her 11-year run in the spotlight hasn’t taken its toll on one Vanderpump Rules star, though. She shares how she hasn’t “had a touch-up in four to five years.”

Katie Maloney dishes on cosmetic surgery

At 37, Vanderpump Rules star Katie Maloney shares the beauty tips and tricks she opts for appearing on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast.

Speaking during the July 2 episode, Katie explained she had recently opted for some Botox, after taking a break for a while.

She said to the show’s host, Amanda Hirsch that her skin was “really having a moment right now.”

Although she chose to get “three units” of Botox in her forehead, she admitted she wanted to keep the cosmetic surgery “very minimal.”

She explained: “I still want to have movement in my eyes and be able to smile… I want to still age and look good as I age, but slow it down just a little bit.”


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Katie ‘hasn’t had a touch-up for four years’

With a top-up of Botox sorted, Katie goes on to explain another of her fabulous features – her eyebrows.

The Bravo star says she had them “microbladed four or five years ago and hasn’t had a touch-up since,” but she was naturally blessed with thick, dark brows.

Another procedure she once opted for but doesn’t keep up with is lip filler.

Katie explains how she had some lip filler injected around a year and a half ago but she hasn’t had any more since because “it hurts.”

She told Amanda: “I never got filler in my cheeks or anywhere else.”

During Katie’s candid chat she also explains filler helped her out after she endured a near-death accident in 2009.

She said the cosmetic enhancement helped conceal facial scarring from the scary incident as she had scar tissue on one side.

Fifteen years ago, the reality TV star “…fell 25 feet through a skylight and ended up with a broken jaw, broken collarbone, multiple broken ribs, and a brain injury,” reports Bravo TV.