Jax Taylor Apologizes For Calling Vanderpump Rules “Scripted”


Jax Taylor apologized after slamming Vanderpump Rules as “scripted,” reveals he was given “information” minutes before his rant, and suggested it concerns ex-castmates Scheana Shay and Lala Kent.

Though he’s now on the spinoff The Valley, Jax shaded his former show during a watch party at his new bar, presumably not aware that a customer was filming him from behind.

“I have a big mouth and it gets me in trouble from time to time,” said Jax on his When Reality Hits podcast, via @breakingtherulespod on Instagram.

His estranged wife and co-host Brittany Cartwright reacted.

“This is his big mouth,” she said. “I’m no part of this whatsoever. Do not group me in with what he says and did, please.”

“I just want to touch on a little something that happened last week that a lot of you guys saw,” Jax continued. “I regretfully went on a rant about how Vanderpump Rules is scripted. I’m sure many of you listening right now have saw the videos, and I’m incredibly embarrassed by that.”

According to Jax, about “10 minutes before” he arrived at the bar, something was “brought to my attention” which “really upset me.”

“I don’t want to get into details about what exactly it was about, but instead of speaking about it with the people involved … I have a little tiff with Scheana right now, Scheana and Lala.”


“I’m embarrassed by my actions, and more so, I feel badly for putting [down] a show that has probably been the most authentic television out there,” he said. “Certain people on the show may rub me the wrong way from time to time, but I should have never trashed the show like that. Vanderpump has been and continues to be incredible TV and I will always stand by that. And as many of you know and seen, I can overreact and impulsively, and I just want to apologize for all that. I’m sorry, guys. That was very wrong of me.”

Jax claimed he was “drinking too many sodas,” as Brittany pointed out that she “wasn’t there” when it happened.

“Things happen when Brittany ain’t around,” she said, calling out Jax for putting down a show that gave “both of us our start.”

“I got some information from a couple of people on Vanderpump that really pissed me off,” Jax explained. “You [Brittany] know what it is … I got the information like two minutes before the show.”