Home And Away Confirms Fostering Twist In Tane’s Baby Storyline

Home and Away spoilers follow for this week’s Australian episodes

Home and Away has confirmed a big fostering twist in Tane Parata’s baby storyline.

Tane previously found a baby who had been abandoned in a bag at the beach, and as reported by Australia’s TV Week, his friends are concerned by the fact he won’t leave the newborn’s side at the hospital, and won’t even eat or sleep unless a doctor was also in the room.

He’s also named the baby Maia, which is the Māori word for courage.

Mali and Mackenzie ask him what he’s trying to achieve, and Tane admits that if the parents won’t come forward, he will apply to become the baby’s main carer. Mackenzie is worried that he’s just trying to fill the void from his failed marriage to Felicity.

Tane is undeterred by his friends and Dr Bree advising him against the idea of caring for the baby, and his plans hit a barrier when he learns that he needs to be an Australian citizen or permanent resident in order to foster.

Felicity offers to help after overhearing about Tane’s situation, but her real motive for doing so is unclear.

Ethan Browne, who plays Tane, told the publication that the character “is doing his best to move forward and focus on life after the split.

“He’s trying to figure out what to do with himself, but he’s doing very well and the future is looking hopeful.

“He wants the best for this baby and to make sure she’s placed in a proper home and care. He can’t help but feel responsible for her, as he found her.”