Here’s Why Some ‘Big Brother’ Fans Think Season 26 Has Vets Playing With Newbies

Some Big Brother fans are funny with what they want in a season. While some viewers prefer to have a cast full of newbies and familiar challenges, others look forward to the twist that surprise vets bring to the table. For Big Brother Season 26, there are theories that there are returning players among the cast members. But how true is that?

Just a couple of weeks before the Big Brother 26 premiere, very few details were officially released from CBS. However, that hasn’t stopped the fandom from theorizing about what to expect from another season of sequestered houseguests, whether they are all newbies or a mixture of brand new players and returning vets.

Does ‘Big Brother’ Season 26 have returning players?

As of now, CBS hasn’t revealed who is in the Big Brother 26 cast as a whole, let alone any potential returning vets here to shake up the game. But when Kat Dunn from Season 21 posted a comment on Twitter about seeing another former player in the Big Brother house to “reunite in the [Big Brother 26] house for duos season,” fans were shook. For some, that meant a season full of not only twists, but also secret vets returning to the same for another shot at the $750,000 prize.

But don’t get too excited. Kat appeared to just be trolling her followers, and just because it worked on some users doesn’t mean there’s any truth to it. If Big Brother features returning players for Season 26, chances are, we’ll hear about it on premiere night rather than ahead of time. Shocking twists are what the show is known for. Why ruin the surprise ahead of the Season 26 premiere of Big Brother?

The cast for ‘Big Brother 26’ could feature all new houseguests.

Because CBS still hadn’t released the Season 26 cast for Big Brother a couple of weeks before its premiere, fans were left wondering what the cast would be like. That being said, we won’t know for sure who is among the cast members until the network shares the full list. And even then, some vets could be secret late additions to the cast. It would certainly make for a surprising Big Brother twist.

But, since there aren’t any confirmations about a twist involving veteran players, that means Season 26 could be a pure season full of new players. In fact, some fans believe there’s even a new Big Brother house for Season 26. So a cast full of new players, with nary a returning vet among them, makes sense for a “new” kind of season. That doesn’t mean some fans still aren’t holding out hope, though.