GH Spoilers: Why Steve Burton’s ‘Days’ Are Numbered: You Can Get Your Hopes Up That Jason Morgan Will Rise From The Dead


Teasers for General Hospital Declare that there are less “Days” for Steve Burton on the Peacock soap opera Day of Our Lives. In April 2022, Steve Burton became a member of the cast of the Days of Our Lives spin-off Beyond Salem. In 1988, he played the character Harris Michaels, a character he created for Days.

Burton secured a one-year contract to play Harris Michaels on Days of Our Lives after Beyond Salem concluded in July 2022. Since his contract began in March 2023, his stay in Salem will come to a conclusion in March 2024. Steve is going to have more time to explore his options. Or possibly return to his origins.

Steve Burton May Be Back On GH

The vaccination requirement, which has been repealed as of November 2022, led to Burton’s dismissal from General Hospital in November 2021. With this cancelation, there is hope that Burton would choose to reprise his role as the adored Jason Morgan on General Hospital.

Wally Kurth, who plays Ned Quartermaine/Eddie Maine on GH and Justin Kiriakas on Days, sparked rumors of a Jason resurrection when he alluded to Steve’s potential return to General Hospital in a podcast interview.

Jason Morgan was a prominent figure and mainstay in the realm of the Port Charles mob. There’s no doubting that things in Port Charles would change if he rose from the grave.

First, there was no closure between Jason and Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) after Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) came home from being in Nixon Falls.

They were married not even hours before Sonny burst through the door and claimed back his bride. Undoubtedly, old feelings were coming up for them, and it was never addressed after that.


Also, there is always the matter of his relationships with his two baby mommas. Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) would love to see his return. These two women sure would love to be able to tell their kids that Jason is alive after all.

Sonny Needs a Competent Right-Hand Man

Jason must be Sonny’s right-hand man. He is skilled at what he does. Even though Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) is adorable and sweet, he is not Jason Morgan.

Dex carelessly threw the Pikeman flash drive into the dumpster, failing to properly dispose of the evidence. Jason would have been aware of the best way to make sure the evidence vanished completely.

Damian Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) would be thrilled to see Stone Cold alive. Diane Miller (Carolyn Hennesy) would love to have her star client back to pay her the big bucks. The Quartermaines would also be happy for Jason’s return.

Burton had some kind words to offer to the fans at the time of his departure from GH, despite the fact that he had lost his desired role as Jason Morgan:

“I am eager to discover what is ahead. And perhaps when these directives are removed, I’ll be able to go back and complete my career as Jason Morgan. That would be a privilege.

To put it plainly, Burton may have gotten his start in 1988 with “Days of Our Lives.” But it’s evident that “General Hospital” is and will remain his home.