GH Spoilers For Next Two Weeks (July 24- August 4, 2023): Ava Makes A Shocking Confession, Sonny Takes Matters In His Hands


According to General Hospital Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (July 24-August 4, 2023), Carly will be asked to explain why she decided to sell the mansion, and Joss will demand an answer. Carly, however, will have more than just an explanation; she will also tell her daughter that Kelly’s only cost her $1. After depleting her assets to pay the SEC fine, she may now start again with it thanks to Bobbie Spencer’s kindness. Sonny will also press Ava for information in other places. who will then fully confess in turn. How is Sonny going to respond to that? Speaking of responses, Gladys might soon experience some really unpleasant ones! Yet why? To learn more, continue reading TV Season & Spoilers!

General Hospital Spoilers For July 24- 28, 2023: Ava Confesses To Sonny, Love Is In The Air For Some Couples

Sonny will walk into Ava having an argument with the Nanny sent in by Mason on General Hospital. Moreover, he will be walking in with some concerning intel he got from Dex about Ava and Austin. Thus, he will ask Ava for an explanation. Overwhelmed by the pressure on her from all ends, Ava will break down and confess it all to Sonny. From what she did to Nik to how Mason and his boss are blackmailing her. Sonny will be livid at the fact that Avery is being threatened. Thus, he will tell Ava to back off and let him deal with the enemies.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, Brook Lynn Quartermaine and Harrison Chase will get naughty on General Hospital. During the week of July 24-28, 2023, BLQ will put forth her playful side when she pulls Chase in for some fun and romance. Meanwhile, Liz and Finn will also dip their toes in enchantment. The two will enjoy a date night together. Perhaps, Liz will finally cook that meal for Finn that she promised him earlier! So watch out for some cute moments between these couples.

Curtis Has A Hard Time Accepting His New Reality

Furthermore, according to General Hospital teasers, one pair will have to go through some fire while other couples revel in romance. The week beginning July 24, 2023, will bring Curtis some devastating health news. He might find out that the surgery and the bullet have rendered him incapable of walking. Portia will make an effort to console her husband, but he might just lash out and demand privacy. Later, Curtis might come to the conclusion th at it would be preferable to break up with Portia than to burden her. She’ll be shocked by his idea and turn to Liz for solace.


Away from Port Charles, Drew might get involved in a prison fight at Pentonville. If that happens, he may earn some time in solitary or, even worse, get an additional sentence! General Hospital spoilers reveal that Valentin and Laura will continue their search for Nik in Chechnya. Unfortunately, it will continue to remain a wild goose chase, as Nik is closer to home than they think. Will they find some clue during their journey that may eventually bring them on the right track? Stay tuned to find out!

General Hospital Spoilers For July 31 – August 4, 2023: Walls Are Closing In On Gladys, Molly, and TJ Take A Decision

Moving into the week of July 31, 2023, Sonny will continue to investigate who his new enemies are in General Hospital. He will eventually settle down on a plausible theory. Could this be about Gladys? We will have to wait and find out! However, Gladys will surely be the number one suspect on Cody’s list! He will suspect that she has something to do with Sasha’s current predicament and decide to find the truth. Will he be able to connect the dots and expose Gladys?

Elsewhere, Molly Lansing-Davis and TJ Ashford will mull over Kristina’s offer. General Hospital spoilers reveal that the couple will eventually decide to agree with Kristina’s proposal to be their surrogate. Although the rest of the family, including Alexis and Sam, didn’t think it was a good idea, Molly and TJ may feel otherwise. But will it really go through as they are hoping? Or are they about to walk into some new troubles along the way?

Laura and Valentin Gets Updates In Chechnya, Deception Is In Trouble

Over in Chechnya, Laura will encourage Valentin to go back to Port Charles to stand by Anna. Perhaps the two will get updates on the Metro Court shoot-out. Valentin will reach out to Anna over the phone, but it’s yet to be seen whether or not he abandons his mission and returns home. Meanwhile, Laura, too, will make a call back home. She may get some concerning news about a conflict between Spencer and Esme. Keep watching General Hospital on ABC to find out what that could be all about.

Lucy will question Martin in PC and demand certain details from him. He will be asked to reveal his secret when she tells him about her journey to Pine Valley. After Sasha’s most recent issue, Maxi will attempt to undertake some damage control at Deception during the week of July 31–August 4, 2023. Tracy will also be planning some cunning plans for Deception. She’ll arrive at the office with some sort of plan in mind. So check TV Season & Spoilers frequently for more General Hospital updates!