General Hospital Spoilers: Why Won’t ‘GH’ let Carly Stand On Her Own?


Spoilers for “General Hospital” (GH) love a redemption narrative, especially when it involves a character rebuilding their life after losing everything.

If their tale is told well, their hardships, setbacks, and triumphs will make it epic, and we will root for them along the way because who doesn’t love an underdog?

However, there are certain people who appear to get everything handed to them frequently, and as a result, we’re missing out on a lot of amazing story possibilities.

Every show has a couple who receive special attention; recently, Carly Spencer (played by Laura Wright) on “General Hospital” has been that duo.

Let her prove herself

We always hear that Carly’s resilient, tough, and will fight her way back from anything and she’s proven that in the past, but the last few years she hasn’t had to earn anything.

She lost the Metro Court due to her back decision to buy Aurora stock, and her mom left her Kelly’s. She faced federal charges for insider trading and Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison) threw himself on his sword.

He even offered to hand over his daughter’s financial future to bail Carly out. Then when he puts Carly in charge of Crimson, she needs Brook Lynn Quartermaine (Amanda Setton) to keep a sponsor, then for Drew to talk another into staying.

She tries, but someone always steps in to do it for her or hand her a lifeline and it cuts short any attempt to have a quality redemption story of watching her start something from scratch and build it into something amazing.


Passing on her legacy

To add to that, Drew is doing everything he can to get her to let Bobbie’s go and focus on Crimson with him.

She was so intent on honoring her mother’s legacy and building Bobbie’s into something special, but she’s let herself be sidetracked by Drew’s impassioned pleas to join him and build his company.

This doesn’t feel like it’ll last and ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers expect Drew to betray her wishes by going after Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros) instead of moving on, and then it’s a question on who will come to her rescue again.

It is our hope that the writers will have enough faith in Carly to allow her to come into her own and stand on her own. Now would be a fantastic moment to start getting ready for that, considering how her family might be torn apart in the next few days.

Why can’t Carly complete it on her own? Are things being planned for us? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, and return to “General Hospital” Spoilers for the most recent information, teasers, and rumors.