General Hospital Spoilers: What Does A Slighted and Scorned Ava Mean For Sonny?


Sonny may need to watch his back…his front…and his sides…

In the General Hospital spoilers for the Thursday, May 9 episode, Jason finally comes clean with Sam. In other breaking news, Ava feels slighted. Nobody should make Ava feel slighted. You wouldn’t want to see her when she feels slighted.

Overlooked and Overheard

Life in Sonny’s inner circle isn’t quite working out for Ava (Maura West). Recently, she had to stand by while the mobster entertained Natalia (Eva LaRue) in his home. Ava tried to stick close to Sonny (Maurice Benard), but he suggested she take care of her gallery business. (GH’s Marc Anthony Samuel and Evan Hofer are celebrating birthdays)

Clearly, Ava did not read the room. However, what she did do was eavesdrop. She overheard Sonny tell Natalia, “It’s not like that between Ava and me.” Ouch. So what will Ava do now that she feels slighted by Sonny? Should Sonny worry and watch his back? To be fair, she’s keeping the tampered meds secret to herself; she isn’t telling her roomie anything. So let’s call this even, shall we?

Necessary Conversations

Initially, when Jason (Steve Burton) returned to Port Charles, he hid out on Quartermaine property, where he reconnected with his son. Unfortunately, he asked Danny (Asher Antonyzyn) to hide their interaction from his mom. Something else he kept quiet from Sam (Kelly Monaco) was what he’d been up to while he was presumed dead. Well, Jason tells Sam he is working with the FBI. How will she react?


Meanwhile, Jordan (Tanisha Harper) cautions Laura (Genie Francis). There are a couple of potential scenarios here. Does Jordan warn Laura about Sonny coming to her for help with his big donation, which Laura already rejected? Or will Jordan let the mayor know that sympathizing and empathizing with Heather (Alley Mills) is a bad look on all levels?

Continued Disagreement and Hidden Agendas

Much like every step of Gregory’s ALS journey, he and his son disagree over his care. Gregory (Gregory Harrison) wants to handle things himself and will filter information to his sons on his terms. On the flip side, Finn (Michael Easton) wants to take control or, at the very least, to ensure he’s in the loop. Who’s perspective wins out this time?

Finally, Natalia tries to find a way to attend Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) and Chase’s (Josh Swickard) wedding. This is despite Natalia being hard on her daughter’s music manager and Face of Deception boss. Why does she want to go so badly? And, has she thought of becoming Sonny’s plus one? However, should she become Sonny’s date, she might want to watch her back for Ava.