General Hospital Spoilers: Three Signs Ava Will Be The Next Mrs. Corinthos


Spoilers for General Hospital flow As a precaution for both her safety and the welfare of Avery Corinthos (Grace Scarola), Ava Jerome (Maura West) has been living with Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

Even in the wake of Cynthia Watros’s (Nina Reeves Corinthos) departure, Ava has established herself as a resident of the penthouse. However, fans are beginning to realize that Ava and Sonny are doing more than just being friends and coparenting.

While only time will tell what transpires between these two, we’re banking on the adrenaline rush of knowing their lives are in danger bringing them closer together than ever before. Here are just a few reasons why we see Sonny and Ava hooking up — and possibly settling down.

Sonny Corinthos Plays The Hero

Sonny sure does relish any opportunity to play the hero in a woman’s life, and Ava is no exception to that rule.

Sonny didn’t simply leap to take Avery into his apartment after Nina told him that someone was threatening Ava and had already broken into her house; he also took her mother along.

He had no idea how much he would grow to depend on Ava or what type of ally she would turn out to be at that point. He knows that this is his chance to make sure they are both secure, and he is not going to let it slip.

Tease Jerome Ava Picked A Side

Ava is more than appreciative of Sonny’s kind gesture, and she’s quite taken by the new friendship they’ve formed.

In fact, she’s so pleased with Sonny’s open arms that she just might find herself inside of them soon.

When Nina came to Ava asking for her help getting herself and Sonny in the same place long enough for her to have a conversation with him, Ava made it clear she wasn’t going to stick her nose into their business — because Sonny wouldn’t appreciate that.

It was obvious that Ava had picked which team she was on, and it has a lot more to do with how she’s coming to feel about Sonny than it is that she needs to rely on him for her safety.

One Is The Loneliest Number

Last but not least, Sonny and Ava both have a knack for finding someone to keep them company — even if it’s just in between other somebodies.

Word on the street is Ava might get nostalgic for being a part of Port Charles’ underworld once Sonny brings her back into the mafia. Isn’t she a lovely mob wife?

Even though Sonny is content with his choice to divorce Nina, he still finds it difficult to sleep alone himself at night.

Although his attention is currently focused on finding the gunman who attempted to kill him twice, he will eventually succumb to the same underlying passion that he usually carries around. Will that misadventure involve Ava?