General Hospital Spoilers: Portia Robinson Needs To BUTT OUT For THIS Reason


General Hospital spoilers indicates that Portia Robison (Brook Kerr) needs to pay attention and stop being selfish. She thinks her way is the right way, and it is only going to end badly.

Tragic Events

Curtis Ashford (Donnell Turner) just suffered terrible results from a gunshot at the Metro Court pool. There were three rounds fired at an unidentified target, but one ricocheted off the target and struck Curtis in the spine. They were unsure of his survival as they hurried him to operation.

Curtis almost died during the procedure. He had a near-death experience, but he managed to survive because of the great desire he felt to see his daughter Trina Robinson (Tabyana Ali).

The challenging realization was that he has no sensation in his legs. He is unable to walk or move. Although his upper body is healthy and muscular, he will likely be in a wheelchair for some time.

This is devastating to Curtis. He is a proud man and believes he should be the one caring for his family. Curtis doesn’t want anyone to have to care for him. He tries to push everyone is his family away. It is difficult for him to accept help.

Connecting with Trina Robinson

Curtis needs some distance because of what he has been through and how he is feeling. Trina notes that it has been a while since he was in her life when he eventually speaks with her. She mistakenly believed her father to be Marcus Taggert (Réal Andrews).


Trina noticed her mother was in pain as their connection with Curtis was only beginning. Portia learned that Curtis kissed Jordan Ashford (Tanisha Harper) when they were apart. It feels like a betrayal to her that he withheld this information from her. Trina reacts badly to Curtis when she notices her mother is upset.

After almost losing him, she realizes that this relationship is really important to her and she shouldn’t push him away. She wants them to work on their relationship again.

Needing Space

Portia also wants to move forward in her relationship with Curtis. Almost losing him has done the same thing for her. But he doesn’t feel like the man he used to be. He doesn’t want her love out of pity, which seems to be what she is dishing out. He needs space.

He tells Portia this, but she doesn’t back down. Even at physical treatment, she shows up. She wants to observe so she can better assist him when they get home. Roy, Curtis’ physical therapist, warns Portia that her presence can actually impede his growth, but Portia insists on doing things her way. She continues to observe.

How do you feel? Will Portia ruin her chances of having a relationship with Curtis by making him feel suffocated?