General Hospital Spoilers: Molly’s Hesitation To Find A New Surrogate Could Cost Her TJ In The Long Run


Spoilers for General Hospital reveal The next phase of Molly Lansing Davis’s (Kristen Vaganos) and TJ Ashford’s (Tajh Bellow) road to parenthood hasn’t been given much attention. It seems like there have been several obstacles to overcome, just to have heartbreak disappoint you in the end.

However, TJ sees Andrea Gates’ (Lily Anne Harrison) exit from their plans as merely a change of direction rather than the end. An interruption on their path. However, Molly won’t listen to you if you tell her that.

TJ is down with the grieving period, but he’s also ready to get this show on the road as much as he already was. As Molly drags her feet, neither of them will expect what comes next — and it could pull them apart permanently.

TJ is Eager to Move On

TJ desires to have a family. He’s a doctor, so much as it hurts that the baby they were already hoping for won’t arrive. That will undoubtedly be one of Molly’s main talking points. Being interested in medicine, he sees this miscarriage as a stage in the healing process.

Even though Molly isn’t going through the process herself physically, it means more to her. That might even make things worse for her, and she and TJ won’t get along as she begins to feel that she is mourning more than he is since he is so eager to go on.

GH Spoilers Say Molly Needs More Time, Again


Molly’s plea for more time could overlap with some other events in their lives that lead TJ to question just how much more time she’s asking for. While she will be hesitant to be a timeline on her grieving process, TJ is going to want one when he watches Molly start throwing herself back into her career.

That’s a telltale sign she’s avoiding her personal life. If Molly isn’t serious about having a child soon, it’s going to make what comes next that much harder.

Andrea Didn’t Miscarry

Every fan appears to know that Andrea is still pregnant. She may have anticipated leaving to raise TJ’s child alone, even though she has no legal authority to do so because the child is also Molly’s. But if TJ isn’t careful, his already shaky domestic partnership with Molly may collapse when he finds out about his bun in the oven.

When all is said and done and TJ has a baby with Andrea, will Molly become childless and divorced from her partner? Will Molly battle for the child that, despite being Andrea’s biological child, she has a legal claim to? To find out, check back for more GH spoilers and news.