General Hospital Spoilers: Molly And TJ Want Kristina To Be Their Surrogate — But Can She Adhere To Their Rules?


Spoilers for General Hospital reveal For Molly Lansing Davis (Kristen Vaganos) and TJ Ashford’s (Tajh Bellow) kid, Kristina Corinthos Davis (Kate Mansi) seemed like the ideal choice. Being able to offer her sister that gift would benefit Kristina both ways, especially in light of the recent and ongoing animosity between the two.

Molly Lansing Davis And TJ Ashford Want Kristina Corinthos Davis To Be Their Surrogate

Since making up, Molly has found herself unusually comfortable confiding in her sister in ways she hasn’t before. When Kristina put the offer to be their surrogate on the table again, Molly could think about nothing else but addressing it with TJ as soon as possible.

When he agreed, they wasted no time presenting the offer to Kristina. But being a surrogate means more than just wanting to do something extraordinarily kind for her family.

Does Kristina recognize how much she’s biting off, and will she be able to adhere to the rules TJ and Molly agreed upon with prior surrogacy candidates?

It’s Standard Protocol

Molly and TJ were instructed by the surrogacy service to feel free to interview potential surrogates and ask them private questions. That worked out beautifully for Andrea Gates (Lily Anne Harrison).

Most surrogates have heard the standard inquiries concerning the surrogate’s personal relationships, marriage, and child, as well as whether or not she would be prepared to read to the unborn child and follow their preferred food recommendations.


Kristina is not an experienced surrogate. Molly and TJ might now have some experience in this arena, but she certainly does not.

Suggest TJ Ashford Has Reservations

TJ has previously informed Molly that he supports Kristina being the surrogate she desires. But will he truly feel that way after the dust settles and he observes Kristina’s interactions with Molly over this matter?

Can they rely on Kristina to treat this with the same seriousness as an outsider? TJ will likely view it differently than Molly, who seems to think that because it is her family, her sister will take it even more seriously.

What if Kristina slacks on their rules and thinks she can get away with almost anything just because she is family?

Kristina Corinthos Davis Has A Track Record

It is true that Kristina has a history of making a variety of errors. She is the family’s notorious “black sheep,” and she is aware of it. But Kristina has put a lot of effort into becoming self-reliant and wise from her mistakes.

Molly might realize that, but when TJ sees that Kristina is the one bearing his child, he might begin to question Kristina’s sincerity. To find out how this turns out, check back for more GH news and spoilers.