General Hospital Spoilers: Lois And Tracy Go Head To Head, Watch Out!


Peace on Earth for Christmas? Not when Tracy Quartermaine is around.

General Hospital spoilers for December 21, 2023, reveal a whole lot of drama, especially between the two fierce females in the Quartermaine and Cerullo camps. Do not expect peace in Port Charles anytime soon.

General Hospital Spoilers Highlights

Previously, Tracy (Jane Elliot) was seen throwing her drink at Scott (Kin Shriner). She also recently butted heads with Lois (Rena Sofer) and Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) over the Christmas decorations at Monica’s (Leslie Charleson) house. It’s a good bet the Quartermaine holidays will get more volatile before they give way to peace, joy, happiness, and lots of presents.

That’s because Lois and Tracy are about to go head to head. Obviously, this face-off isn’t part two of their great Christmas decorating debate. It’s more likely the topic of this clash of the titans is Brook Lynn (Amanda Setton) and her plans for besting her grandmother. Has Tracy discovered her granddaughter’s true reason for falling in line and going back to work at Deception? Who’ll be standing in this Lois/Tracy battle when the dust settles?

Warnings and Placations

Seems like everybody and their brother is blackmailing Nina (Cynthia Watros). Now that the head of Crimson turned to her primary blackmailer for help with her secondary blackmailer, Michael (Chad Duell) immediately gets to work. Clearly, he must come up with super (fake) secret Aurora insider information that will serve to placate Ned (Wally Kurth).

Meanwhile, there’s drama going down with the manager of the Quartermaine’s stables. When Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) makes a pop-up appearance, he puts Cody (Josh Kelly) on notice. It’s been a while since these two guys interacted. If you recall, their shaky history goes back to when Cody first hit town (refresh your memory on Cody’s history here). It’s been forever since these two crossed paths, so what beef does Spinelli have with Cody this holiday season?


Seeking Peace of Mind?

It’s time to rejoice. Anna’s (Finola Hughes) nabbed the bad guy, AKA WSB Director John Brennan (Charles Mesure)! Now she can take a moment to breathe and process the hell she’s been through. It’s a good thing she’s turning to Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) for help. There’s so much she needs to work through. At the top of the list, accidentally shooting Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez), ending things with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart), losing her house, and being stalked. This better be session number one of many sessions with the good doctor.

While Anna (hopefully) confronts her demons with Kevin, her cohort in crime-fighting is on clean-up duty. Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) heads over to his dad’s to update him on the shooter. How will Sonny (Maurice Benard) react to the news that Brennan didn’t just have ties to the WSB but to Pikeman as well?

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