General Hospital Spoilers: Are Fans Being Swerved By Steve Burton … Is Jason Morgan The Mystery Shooter?


According to General Hospital teasers, every sign seems to point to the possibility that Jason Morgan’s comeback is linked in some way to the enigmatic gunman who is going for local organized crime bosses in addition to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard).

However, actor Steve Burton recently refuted a widely circulated rumor on social media regarding “Stone Cold’s” comeback, saying, “Ain’t that.” Is Burton deceiving his audience or speaking the truth?

All The Clues Point To Jason

GH spoilers note that all the clues that have surfaced about the mystery shooter seem to indicate that Jason is behind all this.

From the assumption that the person behind Sonny’s Puerto Rico attack knew his security from the inside to the newest “Stone” name tease, it’s hard for fans to shake the idea that Jason isn’t behind all these mystery attacks, whether he’s bitter about Sonny for an unknown reason or he’s been brainwashed.

Even killing Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker) would make sense as revenge against Morgan Corinthos’s (Bryan Craig) death.

The fact that this person knows how to reach out to people within organizations and bribe them into helping is also a key indicator that the ‘boss’ behind this is Jason; he knows this business inside out, and he knows how to spot a traitor and move in.


Steve Burton Set The Record Straight … Or Did He?

GH spoilers hint fans are only days away (yay) from Steve’s return, with Jason’s splashing comeback happening on Monday, March 4.

Actor Bradford Anderson (Damian Spinelli), a fellow GHer, and Burton co-host the Daily Drama Podcast (DDP), where Steve recently mentioned that a “popular” fan hypothesis making the rounds on social media isn’t how things will actually pan out with Jason’s homecoming.

Although Burton did make a mistake by failing to specify which “popular” fan theory he was referring to—and let’s face it, there are a lot of them at this point—the majority of viewers concluded it was the “Jason targeting Sonny” idea.

So, is Burton trying to mislead supporters or is he being genuine? Given that the writers of GH wrote the arc with the knowledge that viewers would “know” about Jason’s return, is the plot confusing fans?