General Hospital Recap: Drew Agrees To Do Sonny’s Bidding, Then Screws Up


Drew Cain became a (bad) Pentonville spy.

The General Hospital recap for September 14, 2023, features Sonny and Carly needing Drew’s help.

General Hospital Recap Highlights

In this episode, Sonny and Carly paid a visit to Drew as Cyrus argued with the warden. At GH, Ava warned Austin she better get what she wanted soon. Spencer had a proposition for Trina, and she couldn’t say no. Her friend Joss didn’t know what to say when she received a surprise invitation. Finally, Sasha learned exactly why Gladys was stealing her money. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the details.

General Hospital: Pentonville Foibles

Drew (Cameron Mathison) was surprised to see both Carly (Laura Wright) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) in the Pentonville visiting area. He immediately knew this wasn’t a casual meeting and wanted to know why Sonny was there and what he wanted. Sonny explained that he made sure the FBI got false evidence against him and knew it came from someone in Pentonville. He wanted Drew to help him find out who it was. They were sure Austin had something to do with what happened. While Drew was a little worried about spying for Sonny, he agreed to help.

As Drew met with Carly and Sonny, Cyrus met with the crooked warden. She was absolutely furious that he failed at his job and gave her the wrong evidence to give the feds. Cyrus was just as angry and chastised the warden for having an attitude with him. It turned out Cyrus was the one who made sure she was promoted to warden to begin with. He defended himself and claimed he just gave her the evidence that the Lord placed in his hands.

We also learned that the warden helped Mason (Nathanyael Grey) get out of jail at one time at Cyrus’s behest. However, with the false info problem on their hands, Cyrus decided that Mason’s usefulness might need to come to an end.

Ava (Maura West) barged into Austin’s (Roger Howarth) office, absolutely furious after her recent encounter with Mason. She was sick of Mason threatening her while sucking on a lollipop and worried that Austin was double-crossing her. He begged her to remain patient, and she warned him that he needed to fear her if she was provoked.

Austin told Ava that he was sorry she was still in this situation and wondered if Nikolas (Adam Huss) would have really hurt Avery as he had threatened. Ava wasn’t sure what Nikolas would have done, but after losing one child, she knew she couldn’t lose another.

General Hospital Recap: A Big Trip To Sprina

Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez) paid Trina (Tabyana Ali) a visit at The Jerome Gallery just because he missed her. They made some small talk, and then he questioned her on why she chose to still work for Ava and not stay at the gallery she worked at over the summer. Trina explained that Ava allowed her to do more than the other gallery did, so it was a better learning experience. With everything going on with her family life, the gallery made her happy.


The subject soon turned to their lack of alone time, so Spencer had a solution. He wanted to take her on a trip to New York City and then Turks and Caicos. He’d even have Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) look after Ace and Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl). Trina was hesitant to leave her mom and Curtis, as well as take a long trip right before school was to start, but she did agree to go to New York and take in a show.

Joss (Eden McCoy) and Dex (Evan Hofer) met up in her dorm room, where Joss had been reading a book called The Other Black Girl. Joss went back to moving things in with Dex’s help when her classmate Adam (Joshua Benard) paid a visit to welcome her back to school. Dex made his presence known, but that didn’t stop Adam from inviting Joss to join a study group. Joss did her best to get rid of the young man so she could spend time with Dex.

General Hospital Recap: Sasha Learns The Truth

Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) and Cody (Josh Kelly) were relieved to see that it was only Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) at the door. Sasha was surprised to learn that Sam was the one who helped Cody rescue her. Sam told her that Cody always believed she was sane and that someone had to be sabotaging her mental health. A contrite Dante apologized to Sasha and Cody for doubting that Gladys (Bonne Burroughs) was up to something. Sasha was still in disbelief that Gladys could betray her in such a way and have her locked in Ferncliff.

Cody finally told her why Gladys did what she did. She gambled using Sasha’s money and needed to hold onto her position as her guardian. He admitted that he knew Gladys from Selina Wu’s (Lydia Look) poker games and gave her the whole sordid story about what Gladys did, all the way back to selling Brando’s garage.