FWAW Shock Twist: Does One Farmer’s Contestant Thinks She’s Pregnant?


Filming on Farmer Wants A Wife was thrown into chaos after one of the women had a pregnancy scare, New Idea can exclusively reveal.

According to a source well connected to the popular reality show, at least one of the couples were intimate during production – and that night of passion resulted in the woman thinking that she’d fallen pregnant!

New Idea has chosen not to name the couple involved out of respect for their privacy. It’s not known whether the woman ended up with a positive pregnancy test result, as they have since gone silent.

“It would be a huge twist if they are though,” tells the source. “These sorts of things typically happen after the show ends, but not during production!”

Indeed, Season 11 was rocked by an unexpected baby scandal after one participant fell pregnant with another farmer’s child, post filming.

Hayley Love competed for the affections of Farmer Matt Trewin during the season (which aired in 2021 but filmed in 2020). Matt opted not to pursue a romance with Hayley, so in December 2020 she began a four-month fling with Farmer Will Dwyer.


She was around six weeks pregnant when Will decided to end the relationship the following April.

Hayley gave birth to a daughter, Daisy, in December 2021, and publicly named Will as the father. At the time, Will reportedly claimed he would be handling the matter privately.

Many of this year’s batch of farmers have openly admitted that they’d love to become fathers. However, our source reckons that none of them went into filming expecting it might happen so soon!

If the 2024 season does produce any children (now or in the future), the tots will have plenty of playmates.

Host Samantha Armytage recently took to Instagram to boast that FWAW alumna have welcomed “26 babies” since the show first premiered way back in 2007.

The most recent addition was little Roy, born in December to 2023 couple Brad Jones and Clare Hockings.