“Fresh Hell”: Here Are the VPR Season 11 Reunion Cast Confessions You *Didn’t* See


The Vanderpump Rules cast shared new insight backstage at the Season 11 reunion and revealed what they learned now that the season is over.

On Season 11 of Vanderpump Rules, viewers witnessed the cast deal with the aftermath of Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval’s split that divided their inner circle. While attempting to mend their friendships, the former SURvers faced various challenges, including a secret kiss, intense confrontations, and a shocking finale exit that caused more tension within the group than ever before.

Naturally, all the drama carried over to the three-part reunion, which concludes on May 28. Before bidding farewell to the VPR crew for the season, we caught up with them backstage. They shared new details on how the Season 10 reunion differed from this year’s sit-down and offered the advice they would’ve given themselves, knowing what they know now.

Here’s everything that Ariana, Katie Maloney, James Kennedy, Sandoval, Tom Schwartz, Lala Kent, and Scheana Shay revealed on reunion day to BravoTV.com.

The Vanderpump Rules cast compares the Season 10 reunion to Season 11

“Well, today is very different than last year’s reunion, just in terms of what’s going on, and I feel a lot less nauseous,” Ariana shared. When it was time for Katie to reflect on the showdown from 2023, she noted that it was “scary” and her vibe going into the reunion this time is “peace” even though she has no clue what “fresh hell people are going to come in with.”

As for James, he experienced lots of “nerves and anxiety” at the past reunion, but he’s in a different mindset for Season 11 as he wanted to “enjoy the moment and be present.”Last year’s sit-down was quite intense for the co-owners of Schwartz and Sandy’s. Sandoval even admitted that he still feels the chaos “echoing in [his] head,” while Schwartz revealed that he was about to “sh-t [his] pants” at the Season 10 reunion. However, this time around, the best friends were in “good spirits.”


Lala also mentioned that she’s in a different mindset for the Season 11 reunion. She said: “Last year I was giving I’m gonna claw your eyes out and this year I’m giving I’m just like baking a human right now. So I’m very zen.”

In contrast, Scheana stated, “I’m feeling a little safer today than last season. There’s no temporary restraining order or a trailer I have to get shoved into.”

The Vanderpump Rules cast reflects on Season 11

Last year’s reunion was a bit “complicated” for everyone, but this season, it seemed like the cast made a fresh start. Backstage at the Season 11 reunion, we asked the Vanderpump Rules crew what advice they would give themselves at the start of the season, knowing what they know now. And their responses might surprise you.

Ariana shared an inspiring motto that helps her maintain a positive attitude: “Just keep on keeping on – be you, do you.” In true Katie fashion, she remained confident in her choices this season as she confessed that she wouldn’t have done “anything differently.”

Lala echoed Katie’s feelings by stating that she wouldn’t “change” her Season 11 journey. James had a “fun” season, particularly due to his reunion with his dog Hippy, calling it a “golden year.” He added, “So this year was just all good… It was just destiny.”

Sandoval also had a profound journey in Season 11, as he emphasized the importance of “embrac[ing] what you done and learn[ing] from it; that’s what life is all about.”

Scheana concluded things by revealing advice that she’ll remember going forward. “I think to just stay true to myself and be confident and strong in the decision I make and not worry about what the audience is gonna say when they see it,” she said.