Fire Country Will Put This Character Through The Wringer In Season 3, Says Showrunner

Going into Season 3, Fire Country will have several arcs to explore. The much anticipated season will resolve cliffhangers from the previous season and chart a new course for the show. One of the arcs that will take center stage is Manny’s (Kevin Alejandro) fate now that he has run into serious legal troubles. Manny was charged with reckless endangerment and aggravated assault when he punched Luke, and his actions led to a fire. Showrunner Tia Napolitano talked to TV Line about what the future holds for him with the law hot on his trail.

When the show returns, it won’t resolve Manny’s problem immediately, and according to Napolitano, “We won’t know right away” what his fate is. The charges carry some weight, which could have Manny facing jail time. “We’re really going to walk this legal process of, ‘How does this go? What are the charges, what are the potential options…?'” she continued, teasing a substantial legal battle for Manny. With law enforcement involved, there is no shortage of ways in which things could go wrong, and Napolitano teased a look into that process. “The law has been alerted, so he’s going to have to deal with that, and we’re going to live that with Manny,” she said.

Redemption Is a Theme ‘Fire Country’ Wants to Keep Exploring

While dissecting the Season 2 finale with Collider, Max Thieriot revealed that the redemption arc that made fans get invested in the series will continue in Season 3. Bode was out of the camp, but Thieriot promised a surprising return to it, saying,

“The inmate fire camp is a huge piece of the show and something that we won’t just walk away from telling. It obviously makes a big difference and is something that really makes it feel like its own unique story, so that story of redemption will always be ongoing. But now, it’s just about different ways to creatively tell those stories without Bode being in fire camp. I think it’ll be fun because we’ll be able to tell those stories in ways that the audience doesn’t expect.”

Manny is not a stranger to the fire camp, having gotten his chance at redemption through it. He later returned to lead other inmates and was the captain for some time before Eve (Jules Latimer) took over in Season 2. These legal issues with Manny could be a way for the show to return to the camp. The writers have yet to figure out how it factors into the show, but they have proven that they can pull off anything.

Fire Country Season 3 premieres this fall. Catch up with past seasons on Paramount+.