Finn Chose Between Violet And Vodka On The June 25 General Hospital

Did Finn make the right decision?

After Finn’s drunken night landed him with a restraining order against his daughter on General Hospital, the doctor made his choice between Violet and a bottle of vodka on the June 25, 2024 episode.

Fix You

Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) arrived at Finn’s (Michael Easton) bearing paperwork that explained not only Chase (Josh Swickard) and Brook Lynn’s (Amanda Setton) temporary custody of Violet (Jophielle Love, who recently made a new career move), but the restraining order that was granted. Finn fought the lawyer on her actions before calling his own, and when Scott (Kin Shriner) arrived, things only got worse.

When Scott questioned what happened to make Chase do this, Finn claimed the documented events were exaggerated, but Scott saw right through him. “I can’t fix this legally… you have to fix yourself,” Scott told him, even turning down Finn’s offer to let him keep any money they’d receive from the case.

Vodka Vs. Violet

Feeling like everyone had turned against him, Finn sat hugging one of Violet’s stuffed animals before placing a delivery order for a handle of vodka. “Actually, make it two.”

When his order came, he immediately opened the bottle and was about to take a sip when he looked back down at the restraining order on the table. With a shaky hand inching the bottle to his lips, he suddenly threw the bottle against the wall. The glass bottle shattered while vodka splattered all over the colorful piece of artwork that hangs in his hallway.

Now that Finn clearly chose Violet, a teaser for June 26 showed him finally confronting Chase about the situation. Do you think Finn will get the help he needs to get his daughter back? Let us know in the comments.