EXCLUSIVE: Farmer Wants A Wife’s Daisy Lamb Claims The 2024 Farmers Slept With MULTIPLE Ladies During Filming

Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2024‘s Daisy Lamb has claimed that the farmers slept with MULTIPLE ladies during filming, and so much for a wholesome dating show!

During part two of her tell-all on the So Dramatic! podcast, Farmer Todd‘s final pick Daisy revealed that there was more than just cuddling going down on the other farms.

“Todd didn’t sleep with any of us during filming,” she told host Megan Pustetto. “And I’m not sure about Farmer Bert… but the farmers slept with at least one of their girls.” Spicy!

According to the reality star, the participants knew their farmers were getting intimate with the other ladies.

“The ladies knew,” Daisy confirmed. “The farmers had to explore their relationships, and if they did that by sleeping with someone, [the girls] were all under the understanding that’s what was happening.”

The 28-year-old spilled that for most of the farmers, the girl they slept with ended up being their final pick. But others were intimate with people they didn’t choose in the end.

How does consent work on Farmer Wants a Wife?

nlike Love Island Australia‘s “consent hearts“, the consent process on FWAW is a tad more personal.

“There’s a consent video you have to make if you want to have sex with a farmer,” Daisy explained. And we’re sure people would’ve preferred a form!

According to Daisy, there’s a “House Mum” on each farm. And if it seemed like something saucy was about to go down, they’d ask the contestants if they wanted to make a consent video.

“In the video, you say: ‘I [name] consent to having sex with [name]’, it’s a 20-second video and it lasts the whole season,” Daisy recalled. Interesting!