Drag Race Winner Brands Entire Fandom ‘Garbage’ After Being Critiqued For ‘Reusing’ Looks

Drag Race winner Lina Galore has blasted the fandom as “garbage” after a viewer criticised her for ‘reusing’ an outfit.

Drag Race Italia winner Lina Galore, who triumphed in the third season of the flagship franchise’s international spinoff in October of 2023, has continued to put in the work past her TV victory – and that includes political activism.

Originally posted to Reddit under the RuPaul’s Drag Race subreddit, in a thread dedicated to Italian drag queens celebrating “despite the political climate” in the country, Galore was pictured alongside fellow season three queen Sypario, in her iconic finale runway lewk, at a Pride event.

However, one viewer wasn’t overly impressed, and wrote: “I love Lina Galore but that’s her crowning look during the finale. I remember her wearing this during drag con as well. This would mean it’s the third time she’s done this look” under the post.

Because, apparently, once an outfit has been worn once, it must be burned.

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Galore, who won three challenges before taking home the Drag Race Italia crown, has not taken the comment lying down (and nor should she), posting a screenshot to X and snapping back at the ‘fan’.

She wrote: “This is [a] garbage fandom]” above the post.

In response to another fan, Galore added: “I actually [don’t give a f*ck], I’ll wear that outfit for eternity (at least until it fits) but I will always make clear what kind of fan I absolutely DON’T want around.”

All Stars 9 contestant Angeria Paris VanMicheals threw her support behind Lina, writing: “Sister! I’ve worn some of my favourite looks over and over and over again. The look is amazing and so are you. It’s a serve every time you are in it. Pay them b*tches no mind.”

Galore joins a list of Drag Race stars who have objected to the behaviour of fans. Season seven finalist Pearl recently slammed the “scary” antics of some viewers, and Tia Kofi’s recent win in Drag Race UK vs. The World‘s second season was marred by toxic fans.