Daisy Says She Received DEATH THREATS & TROLLING Following Villain Edit On Farmer Wants A Wife

“They didn’t monitor anything. They didn’t get rid of offensive comments. They just left everything.”

Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2024‘s Daisy Lamb has detailed the trolling and death threats she copped following her stint on the hit dating show.

From being called “overpowering” and “masculine” to being outed for “love bombing” her now boyfriend, Farmer Todd, Daisy copped a LOT of heat during her time on the show.

During part one of her tell-all on the So Dramatic! podcast, the 28-year-old confessed that she’s faced lots of backlash online, especially after meeting the farmer’s family on-screen.

“There was a conversation between me and Todd’s mum that was so heavily edited,” she told host Megan Pustetto.

“I said something along the lines of: ‘Todd’s an amazing person, he’s given me no reason to doubt him. I trust him, and I love that about him. But the [editors] pasted a sentence together to make it look like I said ‘I love him’.”

As a result of this dodgy editing, trolls began to drag Daisy for obsessing over Todd.

Daisy THREATENED Farmer Wants a Wife‘s social media team after they shared ‘heavily edited’ footage of her

The real estate sales agent confessed that she threatened the show’s social media team after they posted the stitched-together clip of her confessing her “love” to Todd.

“I commented on that clip, stating production should be ashamed they’re showing something this heavily edited. The conversation didn’t go like that at all,” she said.

Daisy then contacted the show’s social media coordinator, asking them to take the video down.

“I was so angry. It was false advertising. It put me in a bad light, and it dragged my character,” she recalled.

“They took it down straight away. But it didn’t stop people in the comments of public groups from scrutinising me.” Sheesh!

Daisy says Farmer Wants a Wife producers FAILED to monitor hate comments online

Daisy also received death threats online after her stint on the dating show.

“One girl messaged me and told me to kill myself,” she admitted before exposing the show for failing to monitor their social media presence.

“The comments on the Farmer Wants a Wife page were insane. We signed a contract with the production company, which stated they’d protect our integrity and monitor comments on the social media pages they run.

“But they didn’t monitor anything. They didn’t get rid of the offensive comments. They just left everything.”

To make matters worse, the official FWAW page BLOCKED Daisy, so she couldn’t tag them in anything or defend herself in. the comments section of their posts.

What did Farmer Wants a Wife producers say after Daisy spoke out against her edit online?

After speaking out about her “disgraceful” edit multiple times on social media, Channel Seven and FWAW reached out to Daisy.

“I wasn’t threatened legally. But a couple of the other ladies had been warned they’d receive a letter from the legal team because they’d breached their NDAs,” she said.

Daisy later chatted with a key member of Channel Seven to “smooth things over”.

“She wasn’t happy with my feedback. But at the end of the day, they’ve decided to show what they’ve shown. If they were to show us beforehand what they were putting out there, that would have been okay,” she finished.

This isn’t the first time producers have been called out, as many cast members have slammed the show for bullying and toxic behind-the-scenes antics.

How much support do Farmer Wants a Wife contestants receive?

Despite the BS she endured, Daisy said the show’s psychologists have been “fantastic”.

“The psychologists have reached out multiple times and done an excellent job with most of the cast,” she said.

“I was so angry whilst the show was airing, and the psychologist reached out multiple times. And she was wonderful.

“The support I’ve received has been great, but it doesn’t stop the psychological warfare.”