Daisy Lamb Speaks Out On “Disappointing And Disgraceful” FWAW Editing


Despite his late entry to the show, Farmer Todd’s run on Farmer Wants a Wife may be one of the most successful after rumours emerged that his storyline may feature an engagement.

Although we don’t know yet if marriage is on the cards, it’s undeniable his connection with Daisy is building by the day and the year old gym manager has quickly become fans winning pick.

“The first moment I saw Daisy there was a bit of a connection there,” he recently told Refinery29 Australia.
“On our speed date, it was really easy, really simple,” he continued. “After having 15 minutes with her, it was like, ‘Oh crap, is that 15 minutes?!’ It felt like nothing. That instant connection is what drew me to Daisy.”

Whilst Daisy and Farmer Todd’s relationship has been playing out on screens across Australia, it hasn’t been completely smooth sailing with some fans believing she’s coming on “too strong.”

But now, Daisy has taken to Facebook to speak out on her portrayal, telling fans of the show the editing has given viewers “the wrong idea” of her experience.

“Unfortunately, the editing in this series is disappointing and disgraceful (to say the least) and has given viewers the wrong idea of what happened, who I am and how the whole experience with Todd played out,” she wrote.


“The other girls had plenty of time, we all had opportunity to speak with him and spend time alone with him and it’s sad that, what could have been an amazing story, has been turned into something so foul.”

Ellen Dunger, who was also vying for Farmer Todd’s heart and recently eliminated from the show, shared her own thoughts on Daisy’s post, writing, “Let’s be clear, Daisy was the ONLY girl from the farm who consistently checked in on me when she knew I was struggling. She was the ONLY girl from the farm who reached out after I left to see how I was.”

Daisy’s comments come after fans began theorising she could be the winner of Farmer Todd’s heart after noticing her Instagram posts showcasing farm life.

A source also spoke with our Sister Site, New Idea, hinting at Farmer Todd’s current relationship status, describing the farmer as “extremely loved up.”