Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 BTS Images Reveal The Disappointing Truth About Prentiss’ ‘D.eath Scene’

New behind-the-scenes images for Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 reveal the harsh truth about Emily Prentiss’ nightmare death. FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) has dealt with so many serial killers and criminals in its almost two decades on the air. For some reason, however, the team is having a more difficult time cracking the mystery of Gold Star, primarily because of everything else happening in the show. Prentiss, in particular, has been having a difficult time, especially after the return of Criminal Minds villain, Brian Garrity.

The official Criminal Minds Instagram account shares some behind-the-scenes images of what it was like shooting Prentiss’ death in Dave Rossi’s nightmare, and one detail reveals the truth about how the moment played out during filming. Check out the photos below:


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In the final photo, Paget Brewster is seen lying on the floor with a bullet wound on her temple. Unlike the actual scene from Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2, however, there is no oozing blood from the wound when it was filmed because it was likely added during post-production.

Why Prentiss’ Nightmare Death Scene In Criminal Minds: Evolution Season 2 Is So Harrowing To Watch
Dave Rossi’s Reaction Makes It More Heartbreaking

Showrunner Erica Messer and her team are fully taking advantage of the creative leeway that being on a streaming service offers them. While season 1 eased viewers into getting used to a darker and gorier version of the beloved CBS police procedural, season 2 fully dives into this. Interestingly, the weekly cases aren’t regular anymore. Instead, Criminal Minds: Evolution season 2 focuses on the overarching narrative as it approaches its finale. In “Message In A Bottle,” both Rossi and Prentiss seemingly reach their breaking point after months of dealing with the stresses of work.

Aside from being visual, other factors make it so difficult to watch Prentiss’ fake death. Firstly, it plays out from Rossi’s perspective. Since the most veteran member of the BAU has been struggling all season to deal with the ghost of Voit haunting him, seeing him lose someone he loves dearly after the death of Krystall is just brutal. Secondly, this is the first time in a while that something so sinister like this played out in the franchise. Granted that it was all a nightmare, it was reminiscent of the death of Hotch’s wife in Criminal Minds season 5.

Besides all the narrative implications of the scene, it wouldn’t be as effective if it weren’t for the fantastic performances of Paget Brewster and Joe Mantegna. Both have been flexing their acting muscles throughout the season. Meanwhile, Zach Gilford remains menacing as Voit, and that’s what makes him such a great villain for the BAU. Whether he survives the show’s sophomore year is uncertain, but it will be a testament to how great he is as an actor if he is still brought back to the already-confirmed Criminal Minds: Evolution season 3.