Could Sarah Ferguson Be A Bridgerton Star? Duchess Of York Is Hoping To Be The Diamond Of Season Four

Season three of the Regency romp has just drawn to a close, but Sarah Ferguson thinks she could be Bridgerton’s belle of the ball when the season returns to our screens

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, is ever the multihyphenate – author, philanthropist, film producer – and now the mother of Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie is eager to add small screen star to her resumé with a turn in the country’s steamiest period drama.

‘I’ve asked my agent to get me on Bridgerton!’ gushed the 64-year-old royal in an interview with Platinum magazine. ‘The set designs are incredible! I could be a long-lost friend for Penelope – I just have to be on Bridgerton!’

And while no members of the royal family have made it to the Ton (yet), Sarah Ferguson is no stranger to the writing ways of Lady Whistledown. Author of heart-fluttering historical romances like Her Heart for a Compass and A Woman of Intrigue, as well as several children’s books, the Duchess of York certainly knows her way around a quill and ink.

As for those incredible set designs, they’ve been taking quite a walloping in Bridgerton’s most recent outing. Nicola Coughlan, who stars as season three diamond Penelope Featherington (recently revealed to be one Lady Whistledown), took to Instagram to share some rip-roaring behind-the-scenes insight into the making of the show’s saucier scenes.

In one particularly marathon romp, Penelope and Colin Bridgerton (played by Luke Newton) spend six minutes of screen time consummating their marriage on a chaise longue. The regency furniture, however, did not survive the night – snapping in half under the strain of a three season slow burn romance.

Nicola and Luke told This Morning about the crime in question, with the Irish star confessing that ‘we did stop because we broke the furniture when we were doing it – we were really going for it!’

Coughlan has been helping fans get their Bridgerton fix in what we now know might be a two-year wait for the next iteration. The actress has been sharing countless on-set snaps from the show, including some on a vintage camera gifted to her by Newton.

Perhaps Sarah Ferguson has been brushing off her petticoats in preparation for a season four star turn. In the meantime, she’s ruled out any remarriage to ex-husband Prince Andrew, despite spiralling rumours regarding some form of reconciliation between the couple.

The Duke and Duchess of York, who is perhaps better known by her nickname ‘Fergie’, first tied-the-knot on 23 July 1986 before divorcing a decade later in 1996 – but their relationship is unlike any other divorced royal couple. Nearly 30 years later, the couple continue to live together at the Royal Lodge in Windsor, while the Duchess has been spotted alongside her ex on a number of royal engagements. Speaking to MailOnline, Fergie said she is constantly asked about whether she will remarry the Duke – but insists they are ‘happy’ with their current set up.

Sarah Ferguson has recently recovered from cancer, after receiving a diagnosis last year. Despite undergoing a single mastectomy, she was informed in January that the cancer had returned in the form of a malignant melanoma. Thankfully, Princess Beatrice announced that Fergie had received the all clear from atop the Empire State Building in May.

‘She’s doing really well,’ the 34-year-old mother-of-two told This Morning. ‘She had a bumpy health scare last year, but no, all clear now – I think at 64, she’s thriving. She’s been through so much, but I think really now she’s sort of coming into her own.’

Indeed, perhaps this new era for the Duchess of York might even see her make her debut on Bridgerton’s famed marriage market!