Big Brother 26 Spoilers: Fans Won’t Meet The Full BB26 Cast During The First Episode

Big Brother 26 spoilers from a reliable source reveal that CBS viewers won’t meet all the BB26 houseguests during the first night of the season premiere. That spoiler source is host Julie Chen Moonves, who dropped a bombshell during a new interview about the upcoming season. Julie was speaking with Entertainment Tonight when she revealed … Read more

Big Brother 26 Rumor Possibly Clears Up When Live Feeds Will Begin, And I’ll Be So Relieved If It’s True

I’m very happy to hear this, assuming it’s legit. It’s been a long wait, but Big Brother Season 26 will thankfully soon arrive on CBS. If the tech-inspired logo and other A.I. references haven’t made it clear, this season could unlike any we’ve seen before. There are still some questions we don’t know about the … Read more