Blue Bloods Season 14: Release Window, Returning Cast, Plot, and Everything We Know So Far


To the surprise of absolutely no one, one of CBS’s longest-running shows ever will be returning, with Blue Bloods set to return to the network for Season 14. While network television has no shortage of detective and police shows, with some prime examples being 9-1-1 and Law & Order (as well as their numerous spin-offs), Blue Bloods is among the most prolific, being on the air since 2010. Fans of the show will know that the main reason for that is the engaging characters of the Reagan family, with each of them adding their own flair to this fictionalized version of the New York Police Department.

Season 13 of the hit series was one of the most explosive moments yet for the Reagan family, featuring the return of some major characters and significant reveals. These are developments significant enough to indicate some big changes for the family of law enforcement workers, with some of them potentially taking new career paths. To learn more about the hit show’s return, and its cast, plot, release window, and more, here is everything we know so far about Blue Bloods Season 14.

When Is Blue Bloods Season 14 Coming Out?

Blue Bloods was supposed to return during its usual Fall time slot, but due to the dual WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike, the series will not hit the air until 2024 at the earliest.

Where Can You Watch Blue Bloods Season 14?

Network television may be on the decline with the current golden age of streaming, but Blue Bloods is one of the significant cases in that live TV still has some staying power left in it. Blue Bloods is set to return to its network television home of CBS for the fourteenth time. That’s not to say streaming will be completely left out of the equation, as the fourteenth season is expected to join the other 13 seasons on Paramount+ once Season 14 concludes.

Is There a Trailer for Blue Bloods Season 14?

With no release date or release window in sight, we likely won’t be getting a trailer for Blue Bloods Season 14 for quite a while.

Who Stars in Blue Bloods Season 14?

The good news is that all the major family members of the Reagan family will be returning for Season 14, with the entire main cast set to reprise their beloved roles. Of course, this includes Magnum, P.I. legend Tom Selleck in the lead role of Frank Reagan – the commissioner of the New York City Police Department. Frank has consistently proven himself as a strong leader for not just the NYPD, but also his family, being able to successfully juggle his personal life issues and the life-or-death issues raised in his job. Frank being played by a member of television royalty like Tom Selleck only makes the character more endearing.

Also set to return is Saw franchise star and one-third of the Wahlburgers trio, Donnie Wahlberg, who will once again be playing the part of Frank’s grumpy detective son, Danny Reagan. Next is I, Robot star and brief John Wick star Bridget Moynahan as Frank’s daughter Erin Reagan, who has taken a more judicial career path by becoming the Bureau Chief of the New York City District Attorney’s Office. Then there’s The Dark Knight Rises star Will Estes as Frank’s second son, who is a high-ranking sergeant of the NYPD. Finally, there’s the family’s patriarch and former NYPD police chief, Henry Reagan, played by About Schmidt star Len Cariou.


That doesn’t even account for the various grandchildren and co-workers of the Reagan family in Blue Bloods, many of whom will likely be returning for the upcoming fourteenth season. As with almost every season of Blue Bloods, the show is no stranger to featuring special guest stars like Danny Trejo, Michael Imperioli, Tovah Feldshuh, and more.

Where Did Blue Bloods Leave Off With Season 13?

The last episode of Blue Bloods Season 13, titled “Forgive Us Our Trespasses” featured surprising reunions and stunning revelations. The former was fulfilled by the return of Jackie Curatola (Jennifer Esposito) – a former NYPD officer who has not been seen in the show since Season 3. Now the Chief of Police in the smaller Suffolk County, Curatola requires the assistance of her former partner, Danny, to track down a mysterious serial killer in her town.

Meanwhile, Erin is making some surprising career moves as well. The episodes prior teased that she may be making a bid for New York’s District Attorney position by running in the election. She first thinks she needs to get that position to earn the respect of her peers and family, but she quickly realizes that this isn’t the right time to take on the job. With that, Erin withdrew from the election but still mentioned that she could revisit the possibility of taking such a paramount position.

The rest of the episode is business as usual, with Frank butting heads with city officials and expressing his love for his family.

Who Is Making Blue Bloods Season 14?

Co-creators Mitchell Burgess and Robin Green are expected to continue their instrumental work in the show. It is also expected that executive producer/showrunner Kevin Wade will be returning for the new season, having spearheaded the series since its second season. The rest of the crew for Season 14 has not yet been announced.

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