Big Brother Reindeer Games Power Rankings: Who Could Win The Game & Who Could Lose


The Big Brother Reindeer Games cast features nine BB legends competing for a $100,000 grand prize. Here’s how they stack up against each other.

Big Brother Reindeer Games features nine Big Brother legends–Britney Haynes, Cameron Hardin, Cody Calafiore, Danielle Reyes, Frankie Grande, Josh Martinez, Nicole Franzel, Taylor Hale, and Xavier Prather–competing for a $100,000 grand prize. In each show of the six-episode holiday-themed reality competition series, the contestants will play in three competitions that will culminate in “Santa’s Showdown,” which determines which player will be eliminated. Four players will compete in the Big Brother Reindeer Games December 21 finale.

Although the entire Big Brother Reindeer Games cast is made up of icons of the game, some of them have a better chance of winning than others.Big Brother is a social game, but Big Brother Reindeer Games seems to be mostly a game of competitions. Therefore, the strategies that helped some of these extraordinary houseguests get far in the game and even win, might not work for them this time around. Here’s the Big Brother Reindeer Games cast ranked from least to most likely to win, based on their previous gameplay.

Britney Haynes
Big Brother 12 – America’s Favorite Houseguest, Big Brother 14

Britney Haynes is a 36-year-old real estate agent from Tulsa, Oklahoma, known for her quick wit and funny commentary. Britney is considered one of the best social gamers in Big Brother history. She placed 4th on Big Brother 12, winning one Head of Household (HOH) and three Power of Veto competitions. During Big Brother 14, she returned as a coach, and then entered the game as part of a twist. She placed 8th on that season, and didn’t win any competitions. If she wants to win Big Brother Reindeer Games, Britney will have to put all of her focus into channeling her inner competition beast.

Josh Martinez
Big Brother 19 Winner

Josh Martinez is a 29-year-old content creator from Miami, Florida. Although he eventually won Big Brother 19, he began the game by rattling his fellow competitors by banging pots and pans while singing the circus song and dancing. He was also known for calling them “meatballs.” Josh eventually won three HOH competitions and one Power of Veto competition.

It was a shocker when Josh won Big Brother 19 over frontrunner Paul Abrahamian. Many fans thought that Josh’s win was more about the bitter jury voting against Paul, rather than for Josh. Josh has since had the chance to prove himself as a competitor on five seasons of The Challenge and The Challenge: USA season, but he’s never made it to a final on those shows. However, Josh’sexperience with competing could give him an edge over his fellow Big Brother Reindeer Games competitors.

Taylor Hale
Big Brother 24 Winner

Taylor Hale is a 28-year-old motivational speaker from Detriot, Michigan. She made history twice on Big Brother 24 by being the first-ever Black female winner and the first houseguest to win the whole game and take home the America’s Favorite Houseguest prize in the same season. Taylor’s inspiring underdog story was captivating. She was nominated for eviction six times, including three times in the first four weeks of the game.

Taylor won two HOH competitions while she was in the Big Brother house, including the challenging Wall endurance competition. However, her strength was in her impeccable social game, including her iconic finale night speech. Big Brother Reindeer Games seems to be more about winning competitions, so Taylor will have to step up her competitive game in order to win the whole game.

Nicole Franzel
Big Brother 16, Big Brother 18 Winner, Big Brother 22

Nicole Franzel is a 31-year-old boutique owner from Ubly, Michigan. She has a lot of experience with the game because she’s played Big Brother three times. During Big Brother 16, she placed 7th, winning three HOH competitions. She won Big Brother 18, and won two HOH and two Power of Veto competitions during that game. In Big Brother 22, Nicole won one HOH and one Power of Veto competition. Although Nicole is a Big Brother winner, she’s not really known for her competition wins, and is more of a social gamer. Since Big Brother Reindeer Games seems to be more of a competition show, Nicole will have to adjust her strategy in order to win.

Xavier Prather
Big Brother 23 Winner

Xavier Prather is a 29-year-old attorney from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. During season 23, he made history as the first Black Big Brother winner. His six-person all-Black alliance, The Cookout, became iconic with their winning strategy, and they managed to make it to the Final 6. During his time on the show, Xavier was known for his impeccable social game. He also won three HOH and three Power of Veto competitions. Xavier also competed on The Challenge: USA season 1. Because Xavier threw competitions at the beginning of Big Brother 23, it’s difficult to judge exactly how much he dominated the game. Xavier could unleash his inner competition beast and win Big Brother Reindeer Games.


Danielle Reyes
Big Brother 3, Big Brother 7

Danielle Reyes is a 51-year-old real estate manager from San Francisco, California. She’s regarded by many to be the “Greatest Player to Never Win.” Although Danielle is known more for her social game and impressive strategies rather than competition wins, she has a good chance of winning Big Brother Reindeer Games beacuse of her drive and determination.

During Big Brother 3, she won one HOH and one Power of Veto competition. In Big Brother 7, the first all-stars season, she again won one HOH and one Power of Veto competition. She placed 6th. It’ll be thrilling to see what Danielle can do without a bitter jury conspiring against her or the houseguests seeing her as a threat in a traditional game of Big Brother.

Cameron Hardin
Big Brother 25 – America’s Favorite Houseguest

Cameron Hardin is a 34-year-old stay-at-home dad from Eastman, Georgia who was voted America’s Favorite Houseguest on Big Brother 25. Cameron was a fierce competitor, winning three HOH competitions, including the grueling Pressure Cooker endurance HOH competition, with an astonishing time of 13 hours and 49 minutes, just five minutes short of breaking the record. He also won two Power of Veto competitions.

After Cameron was unanimously evicted, he earned his way back into the game by winning both the Resurrection Rumble and Do or Die competition. He placed 9th, after being nominated five times for eviction. Cameron played fearlessly, and he always said that he wanted to make the game fun. Cameron was willing to take risks which could be very important in a competition game such as Big Brother Reindeer Games. Cameron was voted America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Frankie Grande
Big Brother 16

Frankie Grande is a 40-year-old actor from Los Angeles, California, who placed 5th on Big Brother 16. He dominated the competition with an extraordinary amount of wins. Frankie won five HOH and three Power of Veto competitions. If one includes his one Battle of the Block win, he was tied with Janelle Pierzina and Michael Bruner for the most single-season wins with nine, a record that was broken by Jag Bains in Big Brother 25 with ten.

Frankie created one of the most legendary moments in Big Brother history when he single-handedly and triumphantly won the Battle of the Block competition that his partner, Caleb Reynolds, tried to throw in order to evict him. Frankie is incredible at competitions, and should do very well on Big Brother Reindeer Games.

Cody Calafiore
Big Brother 16, Big Brother 22 Winner

Cody Calafiore, a 32-year-old software sales rep from Howell, New Jersey, has the best chance of winning Big Brother Reindeer Games. He won Big Brother 22, which was the second all-stars season, and all but won Big Brother 16 as well. He only lost the latter game because he chose to remain loyal to his Final 2 Hitmen alliance member, Derrick Levasseur. If he’d taken Victoria Rafaeli to the final two chairs instead, he would’ve won.

During Big Brother 16, he won three HOH and three Power of Veto competitions. In Big Brother 22, he won four HOH and four Power of Veto competitions. He was the first player to ever win the Final HOH competition twice. Cody is a competition beast who’ll be unstoppable on Big Brother Reindeer Games.

Big Brother Reindeer Games features nine of the greatest houseguests to ever play the game. However, they each had their own unique strategies for success, which may or may not help them as they compete in this new show. Those who relied mostly on their social games could be at a disadvantage here, while the competition beasts could win their way to the top of the competition. No matter what happens, Big Brother Reindeer Games will certainly be an exciting series.

Big Brother Reindeer Games premieres Monday, December 11 at 9 p.m. on CBS.