Big Brother Fans Share What They Feel The BB26 Cast Needs To Know Before Going Into The House

The Big Brother 26 cast will soon take over the house, and fans have shared what they feel the players need to know.

Houseguests have often shown up without a clear understanding of the game and its mechanics.

Sometimes, those players don’t understand how nominations or the Power of Veto work.

But the fans are here to offer some advice. While it’s not as good as the experience that former players have had, fans can provide a unique perspective.

A new season of Big Brother begins on July 17, when the BB26 cast is shown entering the house.

Julie Chen Moonves recently teased fans about what the new season will entail, leading to much debate about how it might be different than in the past.

Big Brother fans have advice for the BB26 cast

A Reddit thread was created where Big Brother fans have offered advice to the new cast.

“I’ll start: there is always a majority alliance. I’ve seen multiple times people on the feeds talk about how ‘This is the year without a majority alliance.’ And they’re always wrong. You’re at the bottom of the house if you’re not part of the majority,” one Reddit user noted.

Large alliances typically form early in the season and sometimes last deep into the summer. Not being aware of the majority is a step in the wrong direction for a houseguest.

One fan posted about the speed of the game. While the game may seemingly move quickly, it is a slow process.

“The game moves way slower than you think. People have a loooot of time to compare notes and any lies are likely to get exposed eventually,” the fan wrote.

Indeed, lies can slowly bubble up as the season progresses, especially as alliances shift.

The user also compared Big Brother to Survivor. Inside the house, there is more time for a lie to be figured out, unlike on Survivor, where Tribal Councils come up quickly.

Another fan got in-depth with their advice for new houseguests. They wrote about how getting into multiple alliances is helpful and that a houseguest needs to be on the same page as the first Head of Household.

Being a target or not getting information from the first HOH can leave a player in the dark about what is happening in the house.

“If you are invited to an existing alliance, you’re at the bottom and are just being used as a number,” the Big Brother fan warned.

Awareness of an existing alliance is also valuable, as you know what to watch out for in the successive weeks.

The fan also added an important note about competing with a close ally.

“If you’re playing an HoH competition, and you’re neck-and-neck with your (close, trustworthy) ally for who takes the win… Throw the comp to them. You still get the the safety of knowing your ally will protect you, you can still play in the next HoH comp, and you don’t raise your threat level by winning the comp,” they noted.