Big Brother: Derek Xiao And Claire Rehfuss’ Relationship Timeline (& What They’re Up To Lately)


Big Brother 23’s Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss acted on their house flirtation in jury, becoming a late showmance. What have they been up to lately?

Big Brother 23 was a season dominated by The Cookout alliance, but outside the group, Derek Xiao and Claire Rehfuss were developing a sweet showmance that was built to last. Derek and Claire met during their first moments on Big Brother 23, bonding over the fact that they both lived in New York and shared common interests. The pair have gone on to appear on The Amazing Race season 34, winning the season together through some incredible challenges. Though the pair were an unexpected showmance, much like Big Brother 25’s America Lopez & Cory Wurtenberger, their relationship has captivated the BB community.

Derek, who was the first of the pair to be evicted from the BB house on day 51, sat next to Claire on the nomination block during his eviction. As the second member of the jury of 9 who would select a winner, Derek was surprised to see Claire join him in the jury house after being evicted on day 65. While Derek and Claire were both great competitors, their time on Big Brother was cut short. As one of the most interesting social experiments on reality TV right now, Big Brother has also been adept at creating romances like Derek and Claire’s for years.

How Did Derek & Claire Meet?

While Derek met Claire during their time on BB 23, the couple actually didn’t get together while they were still in the game together. As two of the most strategic players in the game, Derek and Claire were both aware that pursing a showmance on Big Brother can be a huge detriment. When the pair found themselves sequestered after their evictions, though, things changed. Derek and Claire’s relationship blossomed during their time in the jury house, and the pair began dating shortly after their time on Big Brother 23 ended, solidifying their relationship in the outside world.


What’s The Couple Up To Today?


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After their time on Big Brother came to an end, Derek and Claire got to know each other outside the scope of the house. They were happy together, pursing their relationship and sharing some of their lives on social media. Claire, who is very active on Big Brother twitter, opened up about her feelings about Derek and the game often. The couple appeared on The Amazing Race season 34 and won, taking on major challenges and putting their relationship to the test. After their TAR appearance, Derek and Claire have continued to keep their followers updated, sharing about exciting events and their thoughts on Big Brother each season.

Showmances can be tricky in the Big Brother house, but there have been many successful relationships to come from the series even if they don’t start within the walls of the house themselves. Claire and Derek have joined the ranks of other post-BB showmances like Daniele Donato & Dominic Briones from BB 13, and Christmas Abbott & Memphis Garrett from BB 22. With their futures still ahead of them and Big Brother in their rearview mirror, Claire and Derek are looking ahead to a multitude of possibilities.

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