Big Brother 25 spoilers: New Plans For The Power Of Veto


Week 10’s Power of Veto has been secured.

The POV will also be used at the Veto Meeting for Big Brother 25.

This week, Bowie Jane won a challenge for the first time and was named Head of Household.

She asked Cameron Hardin for tips on how to proceed and then started chit-chatting with everyone about the game.

Bowie Felicia Cannon and Cirie Fields were nominated for eviction by Jane, who noted that she was still angry with them from earlier in the season.

The scene appeared to be prepared for one of the women to return home, but not right away.

Veto Competition leads to a backdoor plan

Jag Bains won the Power of Veto.

The houseguests played in the OTEV challenge, where Felicia claimed Bowie Jane threw the competition.

Cirie was also seen stating that America Lopez threw the challenge.

Fans will have to wait for the footage to see what happened.

But the summation was that Cameron didn’t get to play and that Jag was ready to use the Power of Veto.

Much celebrating happened after the Veto Competition, hinting at what’s coming.

Jag will use the Power of Veto, and Bowie Jane says she will name Cameron as the replacement nominee.

Cirie also asked Jag to take down Felicia so that she could enjoy some time not being nominated.

Cameron will become the first BB25 jury member if this plan remains intact.

Veto Meeting fireworks and an eviction target

The Veto Meeting is scheduled for Monday (October 9). That’s when the fireworks will begin.

Cameron already knows he is in a difficult position and that getting backdoored is on the table.

Several houseguests have been feeding Bowie Jane stories about Cameron, many of which aren’t true.

And Matt Klotz is refusing to believe what Cameron told him about Cirie.

Cirie has said some unkind things about Matt – he just isn’t interested in hearing about it.

With so much time until the Veto Meeting, anything could happen. But it appears Bowie Jane is ready to backdoor the only person who has been on her side all season. She might consider her alliance with Jag and Matt as her primary game plan.