Big Brother 25 Spoilers: Cameron Warns America ‘You’re Next’


Cameron has become a threat to fellow houseguests because of the way he has been winning competitions and the tactics he uses on his intended targets.

It looked like his game was over at the beginning of the double eviction when he was evicted, turned into a zombie, and won the competition hence reviving his game. But it’s not surprising that he’s still in danger even this week before the jury and he told America Lopez she’s next.

America tried to work with Cameron multiple times however, he’s not a fan of Cory Wurtenberger and that has affected their relationship. In the early morning of October 9, Cameron and America argued in the hammock which he later apologized for ” I am sorry about yesterday. I got frustrated and I left and we should be able to talk things out as friends. I didn’t mean to upset you and I’m sorry for that”. “It’s alright, thank you” America replied.

Now, Cameron has sensed that he is being targeted again in the house and decided to spill the beans on Jag and Matt. After Jag won the power of Veto, he and Matt worked hard to convince Bowie to nominate Cameron. They agreed not to tell Cameron about the backdoor, but he was able to tell something was wrong when Bowie wouldn’t tell him what she’d do if the veto was used.

Cameron went back to America pitching that she should protect him. He reasons that Matt and Jag are going to target America and Cory next. They have talked about that possibility along with other houseguests after the double eviction.

“They had got me out of the way ’cause I was the physical threat,” he told her. “Now you’re just fish in the f-cking barrel. They’re covered up with Bowie, They’re covered up with Blue. They’re covered up with the two of you specifically.”


America asked him why he worked with Matt and Jag when he returned to the game instead of her and Cory where they formed The Fugitives Alliance. Cameron claimed they angled him against them, which she didn’t believe.

America told him that Matt and Jag weren’t masterminding everything in the game because they led the charge of evicting Jared Fields. “OK, gamble on that,” Cameron told her. “I’ll see you in jury.” He also told her “You’re next” if he goes.

America and Cameron were right about different things. She was a number for Cameron, and he threw it away for The Fugitives. Matt and Jag are in power in the house but aren’t the masterminds of the double eviction. Cameron is right that Cory at least is in danger. The double eviction only made him more of a target than in a power position.

Cory hoped to slide right back under the radar, which led to him not working on his relationships. Blue and Cirie want him out for targeting Jared. Matt and Jag considered targeting him but decided to keep him in the game, so Blue focused on him.

Only time will tell if Cameron’s prediction will come true. But as for tonight, He’ll sit as the replacement nominee next to Cirie where one of them will be leaving so don’t miss out.