‘Big Brother’ 25 Finale: Head Of Household Round 2 Winner And Predictions


‘Big Brother’ Season 25 finale week is here, and we have spoilers regarding the 2nd Head of Household competition. Here’s who won, plus, our predictions.

CBS’s Big Brother Season 25 has been a wild ride — and after 100 days of gameplay, we’re happy to see that we’ve made it to the finale. Bowie Jane, Matt Klotz, and Jag Bains are the final three, but only two players will take questions from the jury. Here are Big Brother Season 25 finale spoilers regarding who won the Head of Household round 2 competition, plus our prediction on who wins.

‘Big Brother’ Season 25 finale spoilers: Who won the Head of Household round 2 competition?

Bowie Jane, Matt Klotz, and Jag Bains hope to make it to the final two before the Big Brother Season 25 finale — and spoilers are in regarding the second Head of Household competition during finale week.

Matt won the first Head of Household competition during finale week, which took place on Sunday, Nov. 5. The second round pitted Bowie and Jag against each other. Jag pulled out the win for round 2 (which is no surprise to us), which means he and Matt will go head to head in the Head of Household round 3 competition. Whoever wins round 3 is crowned the HOH this week.

Round 3 occurs live on finale night, so fans are eager to see what goes down. Matt and Jag have been frontrunners through the entire competition and maintained a solid alliance. They’ve both won competitions throughout the game, so it’ll come down to a battle of wits for the third HOH win.


Who will win the season? Here’s our prediction

Who will win Big Brother Season 25? Numerous variables are still at play with the third round of the Head of Household competition up in the air. But the conversations had during the live feeds in finale week have us thinking that Matt Klotz and Jag Bains are ride or die until the end. If Matt wins the third HOH competition, he’ll likely bring Jag to the end. And if Jag wins, he’ll bring Matt, making them the final two. This, of course, leaves Bowie Jane in third. To be fair, that’s further than we initially thought she’d go.

We suspect the jury will hand the win to Matt in a Matt vs. Jag finale. Matt hasn’t ruffled as many feathers as Jag, as he’s played a much cleaner social game.

However, if Matt or Jag decide to cut the other and bring Bowie to the finale, they’ll win against Bowie. It all depends on whether they stay true to their word or are more hungry for the win.

The Big Brother Season 25 finale airs on Thursday, Nov. 9, 2023.