Ariana Has A Theory About Tom Sandoval’s Love Life Now That He’s “Getting Older”

Vanderpump Rules cast member Ariana Madix has some thoughts on her ex’s personal life.

Ariana Madix and Tom Sandoval’s breakup in March 2023 was practically a catastrophic event.

The Vanderpump Rules cast members split after dating for nearly 10 years when Ariana discovered that Tom had been cheating on her. The fallout from this was captured on Season 11 of VPR, and both exes have moved on. Ariana is happily dating personal trainer, Daniel Wai, while Tom is in “love” with his model girlfriend, Victoria Lee Robinson.

However, Ariana does have a theory about the women that Tom has decided to date after their breakup.

Ariana Madix’s Thoughts on Tom Sandoval’s “Type”

During an episode of the Vanderpump Rules After Show (which was releasing when Season 11 was airing earlier this year), Ariana proposed her own theory on Sandoval’s new “type” since their split. “There are plenty of romances out there that have large age gaps,” she noted. “I think he has a thing going on right now about age and getting older. And so I think that something about, like, going after younger women…”

Tom, who is in his early 40’s (he celebrates his birthday on July 7) is currently dating Victoria, who is 32. But, Ariana’s BFF, VPR cast member, Katie Maloney, noted that his new dating pattern could be due to his “maturity.”

“He’s not exactly the most mature guy either, so honestly, 25 — maybe that’s an appropriate age,” Katie, who in the clip above also addresses dating younger love interests in her own personal life, joked.

Tom Sandoval’s comments on new girlfriend, Victoria Lee Robinson

In that same episode of the VPR After Show, Tom spoke openly about his new girlfriend and shared how they met. “We met randomly, like, at the waterfront,” he said.

“There were those girls we were talking to at the table? I stayed in contact with one of those girls and then like, she asked her friend to come to one of my shows. They had fun, whatever,” he said. “And then one day, I was at the launch party for Special Forces and she saw us there at Craig’s and we ended up going to do karaoke, came back to my house, we were hanging out, we were just friends, and then we were more than that.”

Tom continued to speak highly of his new girlfriend. “I mean, she’s super cool, she’s very successful, she’s a model, she does very well for herself, has her own house,” he said. “She did not watch the show, she was not familiar with it whatsoever, doesn’t care about like, social media or following or anything. She’s also like, very generous, she’s very sweet, she takes care of people, she’s like, very nurturing, very maternal, and she’s spontaneous. We have a lot of fun together.”

This is proven in all of Tom’s Instagram Stories and posts that include Victoria. The couple has traveled to Tom’s hometown in Missouri, met his family, hung out with his friends, and gone on vacation together, which definitely proves that they have a lot of fun together.